Do you need asset management software?

Asset management is crucial for any organization that uses assets in their daily operations. Assets could include vehicles, construction equipment, manufacturing machines, facilities, or even grounds. ManagerPlus Lightning can help you track all aspects of your assets.

Lightning starts with the basic functions of a CMMS. This includes work order management, asset tracking, and work history. Then, we added in more interconnected features like inventory level tracking, purchase orders, budgets, mobile access, and employee schedule planning. Finally, Lightning allows you to get insights into the way your organization works through better reporting, graphs, and analytic capabilities.

Asset Management grows in power as the capabilities connect. If you’re ready to see what ManagerPlus Lightning can do for you, let us show you what we’ve got under the hood!



Discover how an asset management
solution can transform your business.


How does ManagerPlus help?



Avoid costly DOT fines and keep your fleet on the road instead of in the shop, or stuck at an inspection stop. ManagerPlus Lightning (fleet maintenance software) has the tools to track everything from oil changes to trailers.



Make your equipment available for your projects. Avoid downtime and extend the life of your mission-critical assets.



Maximize your productivity with reduced downtime and manage your assets with robust preventive maintenance capabilities.



Reduce your backlogged maintenance and get on top of your facilities. ManagerPlus Lightning can track everything so you are never caught off guard.

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Benefits of asset management software

Your business has a lot to gain from the implementation of ManagerPlus Lightning. Asset Management softwares help organization realize a number of powerful benefits that all end up impacting the bottom line. Lightning starts by helping you with employee and budget accountability, making it easier to understand the work that is being done. Because so much is being automated, human error is reduced and downtime is cut down. Lightning also helps you organize your assets for better asset tracking and growth scaling. This means you’ll have an easier time with regulatory compliance and have the tools you need to make better decisions about the future of your organization.

The bottom line is that with ManagerPlus Lightning you’ll find better ways to keep your assets running longer and save money from increased efficiency and better management.

Emerging trends to watch in asset management

ManagerPlus is at the forefront of the asset management software industry. We’ve worked hard to bring you the features that are revolutionizing the asset management industry. We’ve incorporated:

  • IoT integration - connect your devices to ManagerPlus Lightning so you can gain greater insight and implement predictive maintenance programs.
  • Smart Data-driven maintenance - Use your asset management software to get notifications when it’s time to perform maintenance based on past breakdowns and work history.
  • Big Data Analytics - get a bird’s eye view of your organization with powerful reporting and dashboard capabilities at work with your data.

using asset management software facility managers can create a maintenance plan

What our customers say

“ManagerPlus has made my day to day tasks extremely easy and feasible. If I have an issue, ManagerPlus is my go-to because all the information is in one place.”

Amber B.

Breakwater Energy Partners

“ManagerPlus has become a critical tool to the success of our operations. It helps me schedule and track maintenance on all my building equipment.” 

Brian R.

South Coast Air Quality Management District

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