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ManagerPlus Invites You to Join Us in Las Vegas for Enterprise and Pro Seminar Trainings this June

by ManagerPlus on March 26, 2013

ManagerPlus is excited to announce our upcoming seminar training for the Pro and Enterprise products in sunny Las Vegas. We will be hosting two separate sessions:

June 25-27: Pro

June 26-28: Enterprise

Customers love the opportunity to get hands-on training from our experts, learn from fellow attendees and have their specific database, integration and other questions answered. Our experts offer a wealth of tips, tricks and strategies to help customers improve ROI, cut costs, and much more!

Join us for 2 power-packed days and you'll learn:

+How to improve your department's productivity

+See how to create effective reports

+Discover how ManagerPlus can help you relieve maintenance management stress

+Learn how ManagerPlus can improve your bottom line

+Plus, you'll have time to address your specific database questions with our staff of experts, and learn from your fellow attendees

+And much more!

Click here for more info and to register.

Hope to see you there!