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ManagerPlus Hosts Spooktackular Halloween Lunch

by ManagerPlus on October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween everyone!

ManagerPlus staff donned their finest, most spooktacular costumes and showed off their pumpkin carving skills at a Halloween pizza lunch today.

Each employee posed for a picture in their eerie attire, and a vote was held to determine who was best dressed. Josh from sales took home the top prize with his transformation into Jack Sparrow. His costume impressed everyone with its intricate detail, and Josh did a spot-on impression of the popular pirate with musket in hand.

He was joined in the pirate world by Liz from sales who sported a tricorn hat as part of her getup. Jaime from QA dressed as the Cookie Monster and carried around a plate heaped tall with his namesake treat! Marc from sales terrified sports fans as a referee. Melissa from marketing dressed all in black and wore a big postage stamp to become--take a guess--get it? Blackmail!

Christina from QA looked stunning in a red and black dress and red mask. Kerry from sales sported bling, a gray track suit and a huge curly wig to become a rap star. Greg from partners/resellers was a goofy tiger, and Chris from marketing became, with only a pair of glasses, nearly unrecognizable (except for the name tag) as Clark Kent. Ben from QA sported a bright pumpkin costume.

Jack-O-Lanterns were displayed for judging as well, with Josh Kelly again taking home the prize for best with his elaborate creation!

ManagerPlus thanks the team for their participation and wishes everyone a fun and safe Halloween!