ManagerPlus Completes Successful Training Seminar in Clearwater Beach, Florida

by ManagerPlus on December 3, 2013


Last month, ManagerPlus hosted clients from a diverse range of companies and organizations for a two-day Pro and Enterprise product training seminar in Clearwater Beach, Florida. ManagerPlus experts Peggy Frazier and Travis Cox were on hand to provide in-depth instruction on proper software configuration and navigation, and provided insights into how the different modules, like reporting, can be best utilized.

Attendees were encouraged to bring their databases, ask detailed questions, and share insights with their peers from different industries. Our clients often bring unique and innovative perspectives, making these sessions highly dynamic and rewarding.

Here's what our clients had to say about the experience:

"The staff was very prepared, professional and helpful. The training material is great. I learned a lot at the seminar that will make my job easier," Tracy Robinson, Seminole Tribe of Florida.

"I really enjoyed the seminar and learning how other companies set their ManagerPlus up. It's a good way to learn what to do and what not to do," Gwen Nguyen, Arkansas Secretary of State

"The software is very versatile, perfect for my needs! The trainers at the seminar were very thorough… Travis & Peggy are amazing!" Ron Councillor, Ibis Golf and Country Club.

"My goals for the seminar were accomplished - I learned how to start out my program properly. Great training, enjoyable!" Gary Pekarcsik, Medical Center

"The trainer was great, one-on-one training excellent. The sofware is easy to use and manage. PRO is the Best! Awesome seminar!" Chuck Mallett, Southern Ute Indian Tribe.

"Very impressive software for the cost! I thoroughly enjoyed the hands-on presentation at the seminar!" Mike Nelson, Chennault International Airport Authority

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