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ManagerPlus Celebrates a Successful 2013 at Annual Awards Luncheon

by ManagerPlus on February 21, 2014


ManagerPlus achieved some major milestones in 2013, and completed several projects that have laid the groundwork for even greater success in the years ahead. Revenue increased across-the-board, ManagerPlus products were upgraded with powerful new features and functionality, and talented individuals were added to the ManagerPlus team.

Above all, the ManagerPlus team is proud to have helped all of our clients--including some of our largest to date who joined us in 2013--maximize asset ROI, streamline workflows, improve inspections, and gain critical insight into operations, among many other mission critical initiatives. Bringing continuous value to all of these partnerships is the highest priority for everyone at ManagerPlus, and 2013 was a huge success in terms of delivering the highest quality products and services to our clients.

The ManagerPlus team gathered this week to celebrate its milestones and achievements from 2013, and to recognize outstanding contributions from individual team members.

Congratulations to our 2013 honorees:

Impact Awards: Cody Gray, Christina Fullbright, Mike Flanders, Kodie Lynch, Travis Cox, Glen Kingston, Shawn Winterbottom, Chris Mumford

Marketing Achievement: Melissa Bosworth

Sales Person of the Year: Brandon Gunn

Partner/Reseller Sales Achievement: Greg Dibble

ESA/Contracts Sales Achievement: Marcus Heygster

Sales Achievement “New Business Development”: Kerry Hyland

Sales Achievement “Triple Bonus”: Josh Kelly

Sales Achievement “Triple Bonus”: Kerry Hyland