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ManagerPlus Releases 2014 Enterprise Update with Powerful New Features

by ManagerPlus on May 7, 2014


ManagerPlus is excited to announce the release of the latest Enterprise 2014 product update. Our development team has worked hard to create powerful new features and functionality--including a major addition to our core asset tracking functionality--that will help our clients streamline operations, increase operational visibility, and maximize efficiency.

Our aim is to streamline and simplify every facet of asset management and workflow, which is why we've focused on enhancing the user experience by expanding and refining program controls. With these new features and functions, our clients will be able to get more done in less time, without sacrificing quality or accuracy.

With this update, users will now be able to easily track assets by location, which will provide critical insight into operations and enable managers to allocate resources with maximum ease and efficiency. Barcodes can now be scanned directly into the info panel, allowing for instantaneous look-up, assignment, and processing of parts, assets, work orders, and employee badges. Schedules can now be mass-assigned for greater ease and simplicity, tools can be tracked using the Inventory Module, detailed mean time between failure (MTBF) reports can be generated, and records can be mass-modified with the new "Change Selected Records" feature.

And that's just scratching the surface. Be sure to check out the full list of new features below, and don't miss our upcoming webinars where we'll be providing live instruction on how to leverage them for maximum benefit.

Release 2014.0.0

  • General
    • Increasing font size now will increase the size of many editors as well.
    • Renamed Status Panel to Info Panel.
    • Added 'Update Service' - A feature that will check for app update at login and download and install if there is a different client.
    • Mobile Licensing now by Device.
    • Ability to different addresses for each Warehouse.
    • New Updated default Skin - Black2014.
  • Custom Fields
    • Custom Fields Security the ability to restrict edit and view rights by entity.
    • Ability to restrict Custom Fields to selected Entities
    • Contact Lookup Type for Custom Fields
    • In Module Settings added the ability to drag and drop to reorder custom fields.
    • Added the ability to specify a "Default Value" for a custom field.
  • Security
    • Ability to Manage Mobile Devices.
    • Ability to set minimum password requirements.
    • Ability to Require Password Reset at next login.
    • Password Salting.
  • Asset Tracking
    • Complete module redesign - Location based.
  • Barcoding - In App
    • Added Barcode field to Assets Module.
    • Added Barcode field to Employee Module.
    • New Improved barcode functionality with Info Panel
  • Employees Module
    • Added Tool Tracking functionality based off of Inventory.
  • Work Orders
    • Added Failure code Field - Optional by Work Type.
    • Added Mass Modify Functionality - "Change Selected Records"
    • Clock In/Out Functionality.
    • Ability to Split Service items and attached parts / notes and labor to a New WO.
    • Option to Add Asset Custom Fields to Work Order List View.
    • New and Improved Service Items lookup Dialog.
    • Security Option to restrict Due Date Change.
    • Updated Service Note Dialog to Ribbon UI.
  • Schedules Due
    • Ability to assign multiple schedules at once.
  • Purchase Orders
    • Auto-calculate Tax to parts, add the tax to the total part cost.
    • Ability to order inventory by additional Units of Measure i.e. Boxes instead of Each.
  • Vendors
    • Ability to specify Sales Tax by Vendor, for use with purchase orders.
  • Inventory
    • Additional Units of Measure for Purchasing.
    • Ability to Override Cost by Inventory Warehouse.
  • Reports
    • Added Mean Time between Failure Report.
    • Added Likelihood of Failure Report.