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ManagerPlus Celebrates Halloween in Ghoulish Style

by ManagerPlus on October 31, 2014


ManagerPlus team members donned their spookiest livery and gathered for a special Halloween lunch and costume contest.

The prize for best costume went to Nutasha Fischer from tech support who wore a colorful, wonderfully detailed fairy costume, complete with wings! Great job, Nutasha!

Mike Flanders from tech support transformed into menacing Sith Lord Darth Vader, while his number two in command, Nate Korous, appeared as the whip-cracking, fedora wearing adventurer Indiana Jones.

Christine Ware from sales terrified the entire office as a creepy, badly scarred lady with her zombie baby. Implementation specialist Kodie Lynch wore a full bee keeper habit, with some of the little honey makers still clinging to it!

Kerry Hyland dressed from head to toe in the football jersey and crimson red of the Utah Utes--he even rocked a bright red wig! Partner and Reseller director Greg Dibble appeared as Tigger, the fun loving tiger, and business development specialist Matt Weese kept everything under control as an animal control officer.

Marketing VP Melissa Bosworth was the spitting image of Rosie the Riveter, the WWII era icon of the hard working women who supported the war effort by producing munitions and war supplies. Zachary Ivie from sales wore the signature bucket hat and aviators of gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson, and VP of Professional Services Peggy Frazier drew laughs with a combination of jailhouse pinstripes with a Minnesota Vikings sweatshirt, which was her symbolic representation of legally embattled running back Adrian Peterson.

Chief Sales and Marketing Officer Grant Christensen wore his full fishing gear, and Chief Technology Officer Brad Smith wore full coveralls and a hardhat adorned with a ManagerPlus sticker to become "Chris" the mobile maintenance worker.

Marketing Assistant Nimo Abdulle brought her best broom and pointy hat to become a classy witch, and Executive Assistant/Office Manager Lisa Christensen wore full football pads!

Also making appearances at the party were another super Utes fan, a "404 Costume Not Found" error, a legacy Qqest employee, an urban cowboy, and Peter Parker.

The whole team had a great time!

















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