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Clarity through ManagerPlus

by ManagerPlus on November 4, 2018

ManagerPlus brings the power of clarity for your business. With ManagerPlus, every member of your organization will have the information they need to perform their jobs better than ever. ManagerPlus is more than CMMS. It has been designed to take your asset management to the next level. No one wants extra work. All ManagerPlus features are designed with real companies in mind to make sure they enhance your maintenance experience rather than hinder it.

ManagerPlus is a valuable tool for anyone who has a stake in the maintenance activities of your organization. Technicians, Mechanics, and Operators can use the ManagerPlus Mobile App to perform inspections, scan bar codes, check assigned work orders, and track their work.

Maintenance Managers can easily manage work requests, schedule work orders, track inventory and components, order new parts, assign budgets, manage employee schedules and certifications, and gain insight into daily operations.

Higher level management will receive the information they need through our BI module to track employees’ time and costs, measure all maintenance costs associated with any asset, get customized reports based on KPI’s they want to see, ensure organizational compliance, and implement complete vertical integration throughout all assets in the organization.

Regardless of your title or position within your organization, ManagerPlus can help you gain the clarity to make smarter decisions faster and get back to doing work that matters. Gain the knowledge and insight into your organization so that you can manage your assets with clarity on the powerful ManagerPlus Cloud.