As ManagerPlus prepares for CONEXPO, the major tri-annual construction show in Las Vegas that begins next week, we’ve been reviewing the key ways that our products can cut costs and help construction companies of all sizes maximize ROI on their equipment.

In the process, we’ve quickly realized that there are far too many benefits from computerized maintenance management software to fit them all into a standard blog post, so we’ve decided to focus on four key business objectives that we can help our partners in the construction industry achieve: ROI maximization, streamlined regulatory compliance, increased productivity, and consistent, reliable meter tracking.

Given the unique demands that construction projects place on equipment, CMMS solutions like ManagerPlus can have a particularly big impact on ROI by streamlining maintenance and centralizing critical data. For a more detailed analysis of how we can improve your business, be sure to schedule an appointment to see us at CONEXPO (booth #63910) where we’ll be demonstrating our products, giving out ManagerPlus gear, and accepting entries for our iPod nano giveaway.

Maximize ROI on all equipment

As any construction manager knows, maintenance costs are one of the key determinants of overall equipment ROI. Yet many managers still perform maintenance on a run-to-failure basis, which, in the long run, can be far costlier than taking a proactive, preventive approach.

Research shows that poorly organized maintenance can eat up to40% of operational budgets. This number is so large, in part, because inefficient scheduling exacerbates the main sources of maintenance costs: downtime, catastrophic failures, inadequate resources, maintenance turnaround time, etc.

This is why using a full-featured CMMS program to organize maintenance is so critical: it gives managers greater control over equipment performance by minimizing critical equipment emergencies, and enables them to more effectively manage those situations when they do arise. In the construction world, this greater control translates into longer equipment life and higher ROI.

Simplify inspections and regulatory compliance through easy, reliable scheduling

There is no shortage of regulations in the construction industry, and new rules are being proposed all the time. It is important to protect worker health and safety, but these regulations can also impose substantial administrative costs.

As with maximizing ROI, ensuring that regulatory compliance is both reliable and efficient is a function of proper organization and planning. Being able to track and schedule checks and inspections reliably in a centralized database makes it much easier to see what needs to be done, and ensure that someone actually does it.

Beyond avoiding government fines, regulatory compliance is the best way for construction firms to protect themselves against costly litigation. Using a centralized database to track and manage inspections has the added benefit of functioning as a solid book of record to prove compliance. Simple reports can be used to see exactly what was done on a piece of equipment, when, and by whom.

Increase productivity—keep workers accountable, ensure that the tools and equipment they need are available and functioning

Operational visibility is critical for worker accountability and productivity. Every manager, at some point, will get into a ‘he said-she said’ argument over why a given task was done incorrectly, late, or missed altogether. CMMS solutions like those offered by ManagerPlus make it much harder for workers to claim they didn’t have the resources they needed to get the job done by ensuring that equipment is kept in optimal condition.

Cost overruns can also be minimized by tracking historical expenses for specific repairs and comparing them against current rates. Price negotiations are much more likely to be favorable for construction companies when accurate historical information readily at hand.

Simplified, consistent metering to track gas, mileage, and other key metrics

A preventive maintenance routine will be much more effective if mileage, hours, and other log values are entered consistently in a reliable, centralized database. Particularly for construction companies, it is important to follow manufacturer maintenance guidelines carefully, and CMMS programs make this much easier to do.

Reports on these metrics can also reveal important trends that can become the basis for operational changes. If, for instance, a piece of equipment has been used for more hours than another, such a trend will be easy to spot and adjustments can be made to shift the workload onto other, less-utilized equipment.

These, again, are just a few of the general ways in which CMMS solutions can benefit construction companies. For a more detailed, tailored analysis of how these solutions can be used to improve your operations and maximize ROI on all of your equipment, schedule a demo.

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