ManagerPlus provides a solid solution for the mining industry, and through the utilization of a computer maintenance management system, companies increase equipment uptime, better manage their schedule and preventative maintenance all while sustaining regulatory compliance and creating a safe environment for their workforce. With ManagerPlus in place companies often comment that they are able to decrease operational costs by scheduling maintenance – and with automated alerts and notification it is easy to stay organized. With equipment being properly maintained- companies reduce catastrophic failures and emergency repairs and ensure maximum uptime. Additionally through tracking maintenance, and performed work, companies create a solid book of record for easy data reconciliation and compliance. With everything being tracked in a centralized database allows for easy reporting and report submission. When equipment is maintained properly, it creates a safe work environment for employees. Often times- injury can happen on the job due to improper safety training and poorly maintained equipment and supplies. Track employee safety trainings and certifications, equipment maintenance as well as inventory and supplies easily with ManagerPlus. Click here to watch a quick video to learn more about ManagerPlus and how to better maintain equipment through an effective maintenance management solution.

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