Without proper racking safety procedures, keeping a warehouse running is near impossible.

The first step to efficient pallet racking is developing a system and an ongoing safety checklist. First we need to define some key racking definitions.

Pallet racking system definition

Preventative maintenance is the most important part of a proper pallet racking system. Your team should perform preventive maintenance on racking systems on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Of course, you always want to be inspecting your rack for visual dangers as you perform your daily routines. Creating a checklist and setting aside a schedule for these rack inspections is key to maintaining your rack system and increasing your warehouse safety.

Warehouse racking maintenance definition

What is warehouse racking maintenance?  Why is it important?
Ongoing preventive maintenance is valuable for increasing the lifespan of equipment, but also for the safety of your team. Neglected warehouse racking system will not just lead to failed inspection, but workplace injury.

Pallet racking safety checklist and template

With so many rack systems available, it’s difficult to make one checklist for all systems so it’s up to you to create your own list, depending on the rack system that you have in your warehouse.

  • Inspect all upright frame columns to ensure that none are damaged or dented from forklifts.
  • Inspect all rack crossbeams to ensure that none are damaged, dented or sagging from forklift impact.
  • Inspect pallet rack wire decking or cross bars for bends, damage or unwanted movement.
  • Review pallet positioning of all product pallets, making sure that all pallets resting on the crossbeams are equally dispersed over the beam levels.
  • Inspect all frame anchors, ensuring that they are still connected and free from damage.
  • Inspect beam to frame connection, and make sure all beam safety clips are fully engaged.
  • List all safety concerns.

This is all made easier with inspection management software. Learn more.

Warehouse pallet racking safety summary

In summary, to keep your warehouse racking safe you will need to perform preventative maintenance on a weekly basis. If you have questions regarding capacity or replacing shelving components, contact your local material handling company for assistance.

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