Let me know if this sounds familiar: You’re at work and everything is going smoothly when you notice that something small is wrong. It could be something as simple as a toilet that’s out of order, a portion of a conveyor belt that is not functioning, or a signal light that’s gone out on a vehicle. When this occurs, it’s often obvious that it’s not your job to fix it, and chances are that you don’t know how.  So that leaves us with the question, “Who do I tell about this?”

In some cases, you might know the maintenance manager, or the janitor who oversees that asset. But what if you don’t? Worse still, what happens if you are the manager in charge of that asset? How do other members of your organization communicate their concerns and repairs with you?

Lines of communication

The lines of communication within your organization are crucial to taking care of your assets. However, it is often impossible to keep perfectly informed on everything without performing daily detailed inspections. That’s why your lines of communication are so important.

Having a clear method of communicating concerns or observations can help you identify problems before those issues cause the asset to shut down. This allows you to act before breakdowns and put repair on your schedule. And, what is the best way to create these clear lines of communication? The ManagerPlus Request Management plugin.

Request management

With ManagerPlus Request Management, you will gain control over your asset requests. Request Management allows you to create multiple pathways for your employees to submit requests, according to your organization’s needs. You can create portals with varying levels of access, from anyone being able to create a request to requiring a login id to scanning an asset’s QR code to submit a request. This level of customization means you can create workflows according to your organization’s needs.

For ManagerPlus, the ability to submit a work request is just the beginning. From there, individual requests go into our request management dashboard where you can get a clear picture of all of your requests. This dashboard shows you how many requests have been made in the last 24 hours, how many are unprocessed, and the priority of each one.

When processing a work request, you can easily convert it into and assign a work order, place it on hold, back log it, or even cancel it. All your work orders go into a list that can then be assigned through the Planning and Assignment Board. This tool shows all of your employee schedules and allows you to assign new work orders with a simple drag-and-drop interface. From request to assignment, communication has never been easier!

Better accountability

In the end, what request management can provide to you is better accountability within your organization. It can create the communication lines so that no one ever needs to ask, “Who do I tell about this?” ever again.

When you use Request Management by ManagerPlus, you increase communication, improve your ability to respond to concerns, and enhance your planning process. If this sounds like the type of help your organization could benefit from, we invite you to give us a call and let us show you how ManagerPlus is the #1 Asset Management Solution. And, if you’ve had success using ManagerPlus Request Management, we’d love to hear your stories! At ManagerPlus, we love to help you master your asset management.

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