Webinar Recording: Brain-Based Leadership

Tom Moriarty, author of the book The Productive Leadership System – Maximizing Organizational Reliability joins Mike Petrusky for a conversation on organizational reliability and the role of productive leadership.

The Power of Project Management

When it comes to support analysis, investing in good support analysis can be the difference between being an industry leader or a digital dinosaur.

Asset Risks Drivers For External Financial Partners

Investors and other external stakeholders often don’t have visibility into asset risks and how it impacts the company’s bottom line. External financial partners that rely solely on financial reports might miss significant asset risks lurking below the surface.

A Deeper Dive into Why Execution Fails And What To Do About It

  • Learn about “The ART of Executive Sponsorship” framework to drive change efforts 
  • Discover proven execution techniques that will provide a simple formula and “how to” examples to help dramatically improve change success rates
  • Why do Asset Management and reliability practitioners need success elements to ensure sustainable change for optimal business performance?