What your techs need to know about maintenance data and cybersecurity

You’ve made sure your maintenance technicians know all about safety standards and best practices, but when it comes to implementing and employing information systems safely, is your team as prepared as it should be? The last few years have seen a rapid rise in both the number and severity of cyberattacks, including the use of ransomware, with an estimated 38% increase in global attacks just last year.  And according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, 649 of those security breaches were at critical infrastructure networks. 

There’s more than one reason for the rise, including rapid shifts to online education and remote work due to the pandemic as well as the widespread distribution of “user-friendly” ransomware, so there needs to be a multi-faceted response, with expertise and resources coordinated between government and private organizations. 

For your maintenance team, putting in place the right policies and educating technicians on the part they can play in defending against cyberattacks are critical steps in improving overall organizational cybersecurity. 

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