All-Time Best Playlist for Maintenance Strategies, Inspections, and Tasks

If you’re running a streamlined preventive maintenance program with solid planning, scheduling, prioritizing, and tracking, everything is so predictable that work gets a bit boring. But if you’re struggling with your maintenance schedule, never sure what’s going to go wrong next or how you’re going to fix it, every day wears you down just a little bit more. 

Either way, you need some good classic songs to help you through the next set of maintenance inspections and tasks, to make the boring more fun and the frustrating more bearable. Continue reading “All-Time Best Playlist for Maintenance Strategies, Inspections, and Tasks”

4 Essential KPIs For Maintenance Management

If you want to reach and then exceed global standards for maintenance and facility management, you need to find key performance indicators (KPIs) that show both your current position and general trajectory, where you are and where you’re heading. But before you look at common examples, formulas, and the overall benefits of maintenance metrics and KPIs, remember that there’s no one perfect set that works for everyone. Different industries and organizations measure success in different ways. 

So, the real question becomes “Which maintenance metrics and KPIs should my maintenance department track?” 

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