Benefits of maintenance history records

That old saying “Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it” applies just as much to maintenance management, integrated facilities management, and the benefits of maintenance history records as it does to the rise and fall of empires.

Once you have a solid understanding of the maintenance team’s completed work, you can more effectively schedule preventive maintenance, fine-tune SOPS, forecast inventory, and even make staffing decisions. With an accurate picture of the past, you can plan a better future with less unscheduled downtime, costly repairs, and stress. 

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Tire tracking: Today’s features for tomorrow’s tires

For fleet managers, there’s already well-established ways to control tire costs, including implementing maintenance and DVIR checklists, ensuring tires are properly inflated, and following a tire maintenance schedule. But as important as your tire tracking program is now, it’s set to become even more so in the near future.

As consumers and regulators fuel the drive for sustainability across fleet-heavy industries, new types of tires, especially those featuring innovations in materials and design, could introduce uncertainty in terms of performance and durability. Fleet managers will need to track tires even more closely to ensure they get the best possible return on investment. 

The future of tires is bright, with new materials and designs promising a smaller environmental footprint at every stage of the life cycle, from collecting feedstock to recycling old scrap tires. But new technology inevitably involves unknown outcomes. For fleet managers, now is the best time to start or ramp up tire tracking, so you can control costs today and make data-backed decisions in the future. 

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Why is there a maintenance technician shortage?

Across industries, managers are having a hard time finding technicians, the people who work with that perfect combination of their head and hands to keep the world up and running. Car dealerships and repair shops can’t find people, airlines struggle to find trained aircraft mechanics, and both facility and maintenance managers are facing labor shortages. 

There’s no single reason behind the shortages, so there’s no single solution. But there’s a lot you can do to find and keep maintenance technicians at your facilities. And the good news is that everything you do to fix the maintenance tech shortage makes your department a better place to work for everyone there. 

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2023 Trends in Maintenance Management

There’s a long tradition of making annual predictions for trends in maintenance management. Our brands’ collective blogs are full of them. Unfortunately, the last few years have been so unpredictable that the safest bet was to describe everything as “unprecedented.” But with 2023, it looks like there’s some light at the end of the tunnel. As organizations embrace and implement new technologies, for example software for data collection and augmented reality, we hope to see some more positive trends, from how companies get spare parts through the supply chain to how they set up preventive maintenance programs.

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Digital Natives and the Future of Maintenance Management

Looking at today’s trends, it’s clear that both maintenance and facility management are steadily moving toward connected futures packed with new products, from real-time digital twins to predictive maintenance programs fueled by endless streams of sensor data and sophisticated AI platforms.

For even the smallest operations, the days of paper-based maintenance are ending. But it’s not only the products that are changing. So are the people. 

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All-Time Best Playlist for Maintenance Strategies, Inspections, and Tasks

If you’re running a streamlined preventive maintenance program with solid planning, scheduling, prioritizing, and tracking, everything is so predictable that work gets a bit boring. But if you’re struggling with your maintenance schedule, never sure what’s going to go wrong next or how you’re going to fix it, every day wears you down just a little bit more. 

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4 Essential KPIs For Maintenance Management

If you want to reach and then exceed global standards for maintenance and facility management, you need to find key performance indicators (KPIs) that show both your current position and general trajectory, where you are and where you’re heading. But before you look at common examples, formulas, and the overall benefits of maintenance metrics and KPIs, remember that there’s no one perfect set that works for everyone. Different industries and organizations measure success in different ways. 

So, the real question becomes “Which maintenance metrics and KPIs should my maintenance department track?” 

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