The era of software communication is here. Enter the API, which stands for Application Program Interface. Just like the title implies it assists a variety of different programs to interface and communicate with one another. For your organization, maintenance management software is critical to your success, but what about some of your other software programs? Can you get them all to communicate properly? The answer is usually unknown, but with the growth of technology solutions in today’s world, it is most definitely a yes, through an API. With an API two distinctive programs can become enabled to communicate back and forth and as an organization, you benefit by harnessing the results.

A lot rides on selecting the right CMMS software provider and we get that.  You must consider how it might affect the other software applications your organization is currently using or might be considering to purchase. Before making your CMMS purchase, you’ll want reassurance that it is a perfect fit for your company, and no matter what other software programs you buy or currently and continue to use, you’ll have the opportunity to integrate.  If you knew that no matter what your decision might be that an API would bridge the gap for you, then wouldn’t your decision become a whole lot easier?



An API is central to today’s software economy. Gone are the days of having one or two software applications to run your entire organization. If you are manually entering and recording maintenance data and other critical asset information into two separate programs today, know there is a better way. Through an API your data need only to be entered once and then that information will be transferred to your CMMS database. When connecting through your CMMS API you can share information into your system quickly and efficiently. Because there are numerous ways to streamline your data, you will see an immediate transformation in business processes and will observe your company growing quicker than ever before. Imagine being able to pull all your GPS or other critical data directly into your CMMS. This repository of data will become invaluable and directly impact future business decisions.



Design and implement all of your relevant software applications so they communicate directly with your CMMS. Pushing your data to your CMMS will absolutely improve your asset maintenance program. You will be more precise with your vehicles- mileage, hours of usage, other meter tracking, PM programs, inspections, inventory, asset tracking and accounting just to name a few. Once you select your CMMS provider, it is important to understand that this will be your central hub for your maintenance operation.  You should immediately decide what software applications need to be in constant communication with your hub. It will differ for every company, but It makes sense to funnel all your critical maintenance and asset business data into one program. When all your data is stored in one place it makes for more powerful data available at your fingertips. For example, you would be able to utilize the ManagerPlus |BI (Business Intelligence) application easily if you had all your data directed into your CMMS.

As the correct information is gathered and shared with the appropriate employee’s, image how resourceful it will be for them. Don’t add another software and process to your policies and procedures, simply access the power of the API with your CMMS to see it all come together.



A bonus to using cloud software is the industry standard for many companies having their own API’s. Moving to the cloud has its perks, and those are essential in the evaluation of cloud-based platforms. Transform your business by allowing your CMMS Company’s API to do the heavy lifting for you. By eliminating the outdated and laborious process of manually entering critical data, you can see how through an API you will gain precious time.

Utilizing an API is a great forward-thinking way to reduce cost. When utilizing an API, you are on track to become even more tech-forward by being set up to utilize the IoT (internet of things) – connecting devices, smart devising and for your predictive and preventive maintenance. An API can unlock the door to many advances for your company.


Ask how we can help with an API

With our exclusive Developer API, ManagerPlus can assist you in making your required software connections become reality. Check out our ManagerPlus | Connectors as we have many API connections already built, ready for you to plug in. If you don’t see the software connection you need, we can utilize our developer API to connect any other SaaS based applications you are currently running. The possibilities of what our API can connect with are virtually endless. As your company transforms its asset management program, remember to check out our API connection to see how you might be able to streamline and connect all your data.

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