About Envirosystems Inc.

A leader in industrial services, environmental services, hazardous and non-hazardous waste management & recycling, robotic services, and industrial project management, Envirosystems prides itself on delivering local expertise from coast to coast.

Businesses and government agencies across North America trust Envirosystems’​ experienced professionals to understand their needs and develop action plans. More than just a service provider, Envirosystems is passionately committed to bringing innovation, strategic leadership, and local expertise to every project – large or small – across North America.

Envirosystems was acquired by Terrapure Environmental, a leading Canadian provider of innovative, cost-effective environmental services and recycling solutions.


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Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada




Industrial and environmental services, waste recycling and reduction, and robotics and project management

The challenge

Paul Beauchamp, Regional Maintenance Manager for the Canada division of Envirosystems Inc., is responsible for a wide variety of assets — including a fleet of 840 vehicles — that must be maintained properly and aligned with regulation compliance. Asset reliability is critical for Envirosystems to achieve their central mission: to clean up hazardous wastes and chemicals for a range of heavy industries, including oil and gas, and government entities.

The solution

Beauchamp has a simple phrase to sum up the value of ManagerPlus to his operation: “Collect data once, use it many times.”

The intuitive dashboards and business intelligence tools in the ManagerPlus enterprise asset management platform are designed to make data analysis simple and comprehensive. Custom reports allow companies with a large portfolio of fleet vehicles to generate exactly the insight they need — on-demand or proactively with the built-in automation tools.

Asset histories, maintenance records, parts and materials used, preventive maintenance schedules, operator manuals, and inspection reports are always available with ManagerPlus. The inspection reports are thorough and ready to share with regulators if needed.

Best of all, Envirosystems was able to track specific fleet costs that were important to the company’s bottom line.

“For us, the main purpose of ManagerPlus is about being able to determine what we own and where it is. We need to be able to pull work history on trucks and say, ‘this truck was used for this many hours and it cost us this,’” Beauchamp said.

Within the first year of implementing ManagerPlus, Beauchamp has already seen his maintenance costs reduced: tow truck bills, for example, have been virtually eliminated because the asset teams are closely following preventive maintenance strategies.

He can now easily monitor critical data on costs and asset location, helping him ensure that he’s sending the right vehicle to the right job. He’s also able to determine which vehicles require Department of Transportation inspections and when, helping the whole enterprise maintain their compliance measures.

Envirosystems Inc. is realizing results

Collect data once, use it many times.

Paul Beauchamp

Regional Maintenance Manager

For us, the main purpose of ManagerPlus is about being able to determine what we own and where it is. We need to be able to pull work history on trucks and say, ‘this truck was used for this many hours and it cost us this.

Paul Beauchamp

Regional Maintenance Manager

Next steps

If you’re looking for a proven solution to your asset management challenges, we’re here to help—every step of the way.

Our powerful cloud-based ManagerPlus Lightning software will:

  • Organize your asset inventory
  • Schedule ongoing service repairs
  • Automate maintenance logs and assignments
  • Provide preventive insights into your performance
  • Keep your enterprise up-to-date on compliance measures

Results like those seen by Envirosystems Inc. can be achieved by any organization across any industry — from transportation and facilities management to manufacturing and construction. So, whether your company is small, mid-sized, or enterprise-level, ManagerPlus Lightning can deliver the full power of an intelligent, highly customizable maintenance program that works as hard as you do. Schedule a personalized demo today.

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