What is equipment management software?

Equipment management software is designed to help you track all aspects of your heavy equipment assets while tackling both preventive maintenance and urgent requests. By keeping a digital record of every asset, you can easily retrieve work orders, generate maintenance logs, and reduce costs associated with equipment and vehicle upkeep. 

Features & benefits

ManagerPlus Lightning software gives your team greater transparency, helping them quickly locate important assets and perform maintenance. And with preventive maintenance scheduling, you can address any issues before your equipment breaks down. You can also manage work order assignments and get a complete picture of your parts and inventory. Data analytics offer better visibility into the costs and history of every piece of equipment.
Lightning is our most advanced equipment maintenance management software to date. It offers definitive insights through powerful data analytics and reporting. Making the right decision about your equipment has never been easier.
ManagerPlus equipment management software that can be used through any device
Today's competitive market requires optimal asset availability. That comes from keeping up-to-date on preventive maintenance and staying ahead of the curve on operations with the right equipment management software. ManagerPlus Lightning empowers you to do more.
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Preventive Maintenance Software

How does equipment management software help you?

  • Equipment Log Tracking
  • Work Order Management
  • Planning & Scheduling
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Inspections
  • Integrations & API
  • Mobile Access & Accountability
  • Business Intelligence & reporting

How ManagerPlus compares to other equipment management solutions


Our cloud-based equipment management software requires minimal IT costs, and updates automatically. Nothing to install, no software to maintain. Get the latest and greatest EAM software, all the time.


Our equipment tracking software helps companies manage all assets and workflows, from request to completion. Keep a full record of all work orders in a simple, searchable history. Auto-generate work orders when maintenance is due, and easily distribute work assignments to staff.


Close the loop on equipment inspections and generate corrective-action work orders automatically. Access real-time updates on inspection results as your operators gather data from the road, the job site, or anywhere.


Manage parts lists and inventory counts. Because everything is connected, you’ll know when to order more and how much to keep in stock.


Organize teams and work schedules along with your heavy equipment tasks. Proactive maintenance planning and scheduling is at the heart of equipment uptime and getting the most out of your assets. Our drag-and-drop planning board makes it easy.


ManagerPlus Lightning is advanced enough to not only meet your needs now, but as your company grows. Equipment management software should go beyond work order management by also tracking preventive maintenance, parts & inventory and compliance records, and auto-generating custom reports.


Your team spends most of its time on-site or out in the field—not in front of a computer. That's why it's critical to have a system with a mobile app. And with offline sync, your team can get the work done. Even without the internet.


We integrate with a number of GPS and asset applications like Geotab and John Deere for a more data-rich experience. Check out our pre-built connectors and learn about our open API. We're ready to provide as seamless an experience as possible.

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When is the right time to invest in equipment management software?

scalability with equipment management software

You have a growing number of assets

If you're managing multiple locations that each have a number of assets, it's difficult to keep track of all of them—much less communicate important details about a specific piece of equipment to your team. Storing them all on a single equipment tracking software system team members can access anywhere (including on their mobile devices) makes equipment management much less overwhelming.

manage expensive assets with equipment management software

You have expensive equipment

Construction equipment, farming equipment and heavy equipment for other industries like mining and oil and gas are considerable investments. They're built to last for decades and will likely have many replacement parts during that time. Equipment management software allows you to maintain a detailed history of every repair and replacement part.

comply with regulations with equipment management software

You need to comply with regulations

Many equipment-related injuries are preventable. That's why OSHA requires documentation showing that equipment is properly maintained. Other industries have their own specific regulations, such as the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA). The best equipment management systems make it easy to collect inspection reports, close the loop on corrective actions, and store the documentation for proof of compliance.

What factors should you consider when choosing equipment management software?

equipment management software of robust functionality
Robust functionality
ease of use equipment management software
Ease of use
mobile friendly equipment management software

Construction Equipment Maintenance Software

  • Designed to handle even the biggest equipment
  • Fully customizable for your specific needs
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use interface to simplify your maintenance
  • Already used by companies specializing in cement mixing, excavation, road construction, and more
equipment management software in construction

Agricultural Equipment Maintenance Software

  • Comprehensive platform for maintaining crucial agricultural equipment
  • Preventive maintenance for better equipment longevity
  • Automated scheduling so you never forget a work order
equipment management software in agriculture

Get the checklist: The ABCs of Construction Equipment Maintenance

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The best software for your equipment maintenance program

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equipment management software managing fleets


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capterra ranking of equipment management software


equipment management software software advice ranking


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Why choose ManagerPlus

“ManagerPlus is my day to day; I use this equipment maintenance tracking software constantly. It is nice to be able to track our assets and parts with very little effort.”

Ty P.

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“It has eliminated the bouncing back and forth between spreadsheets by putting everything in one package.” 

Brian M.

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