Frequently Asked

Can ManagerPlus interface with other software applications?

ManagerPlus communicates with other software applications through our ManagerPlus connectors and our developer API. Learn more about how to consolidate your systems with pre-built and customizable integrations on our Connectors & API page.

Will ManagerPlus ever use my data?

No. ManagerPlus complies with General Data Protection Regulations and will only access your software when directed to by you.

Who can access the ManagerPlus software?

Only users you specify will be able to view or edit items within your ManagerPlus EAM software. This is important is for your own data security and also supports data cleanliness to help maintain integrity for regulatory compliance and audits.

Does ManagerPlus offer a mobile app?

Yes, the M+ Mobile app allows you to work functionally in your database in a connected or disconnected state. The disconnected state allows you to work on the go and then syncs your data when you are back in a connected state.

How is ManagerPlus licensed, and what is a “user” license?

User licenses determine which individuals in an organization can access ManagerPlus products, as well as their level of access. The following is a breakdown of the different user types available.

Named User
A named user can access anything in the program. This type of license is “used up” when the named user is created, and it is generally designated for one specific person. The named user can only log in at one place at any given time.

Concurrent User
A concurrent user license is “used up” when one of the users actually logs in, and is released when they log out. One license is not designated for a specific person, and could thus support multiple users, but only one person can log in at any given time. These users can only access the main application.

Mobile User
Mobile users work like named users, but mobile users are limited to the mobile module.

Mobile + Concurrent
If you have concurrent users available, then a mobile user can log into the main application. When the mobile user does log into the main application, it “uses up” a concurrent user.

ManagerPlus Work Requests Users
Work Requests users are unlimited with purchase of the Work Requests module. These users can only access the work requests tools (mobile app, website, email), and cannot access the full program.

What is a Time Zone Offset?

ManagerPlus Cloud uses UTC (Universal Time Coordinated) to calculate timestamps within the system. By default, the time zone is set to CST (Central Standard Time). Using the Time Zone Offset found in the “Company” module under the “Options” tab, you have the ability to change it to your primary time zone. Below is a chart of the UTC time zones in North America with their Daylight offsets (where applicable).

Atlantic UTC -4 N/A
Eastern UTC -5 UTC -4
Central UTC -6 UTC -5
Mountain UTC -7 UTC -6 (N/A for Arizona)
Pacific UTC -8 UTC -7
Alaska UTC -9 UTC -8
Hawaii UTC -10 N/A

Time Zone | Cloud Support

How do I find my product version?

1. Open ManagerPlus and click the “Help” tab

2. Click “About ManagerPlus”

3. In the “About ManagerPlus” window, your product version will be at the top of the list

How do I reset my password if I have forgotten it?

If you need to reset your password, you must either contact your company’s system admin to reset your password or you can call the ManagerPlus Technical Support team to be issued a temporary admin password.

How do I change my password?

If you want to change your password, go to file setup in your ManagerPlus program and select from the drop down menu the change password option.

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