Clean Up the Mess and Optimize Your Workflows

Keeping an entire facility clean and sanitized involves a lot of moving parts, and inefficient workflows hold you and your team back from meeting your client’s needs.  

ManagerPlus Lightning helps you streamline your operations, remove the roadblocks, and keep costs under control.  

Use ManagerPlus to: 
  • Organize work requests across the company
  • Standardize processes and transfer knowledge 
  • Create schedules for routine work 
  • Track similar assets across the facility 
  • Keep your team on the go 
  • Remotely monitor facility usage 
  • Track expenses with more detail
Organize work requests and prioritize critical tasks 

Wading through the constant slew of work requests can be time consuming and frustrating. ManagerPlus helps you prioritize work as it comes in so you can allocate resources effectively. And with custom templates, you can make sure incoming requests have all the information your team needs to get the job done. 

Standardize workflows to make it easy to onboard new team members 

Unfortunately, there’s often a high rate of turnover among janitorial teams so you need to onboard new people quickly. With ManagerPlus, you can build out cleaning tasks into work orders that cover everything your team needs to know. Include detailed instructions, photos, parts and equipment lists, and more so no one has to rely on a mental checklist. 

Create schedules for routine tasks so nothing gets missed 

Quite a lot of janitorial work is routine, regular tasks that must be performed every day. With ManagerPlus, you can build out routine cleaning schedules and maintenance activities to make sure nothing falls through the cracks. 

Keep track of similar assets to avoid confusion 

With so many similar rooms and locations across your facility, it can be easy for your team to get mixed up and work in the wrong place. Use barcodes and QR codes to make sure your team always knows where they’re supposed to be so they don’t waste time doing the same job twice. 

Use mobile apps to keep your team on the go 

Your team can’t clean the conference room from behind the desk in the maintenance office, so you need to be able to stay connected with them while they’re out on the floor. Send your team work orders and sign off on tasks from anywhere with our mobile-friendly software and apps for your connected devices. And since everything is in the cloud, you can avoid data entry errors and delays from handwritten paperwork. 


Monitor your entire facility from anywhere
You need to know how your facility is being used so you can assign staff accordingly. If one part of the building isn’t being used as much, shift your team to the more heavily utilized areas to keep things from piling up. Get a birds-eye view of your entire facility with ManagerPlus Lightning.

Get detailed expense reports to keep costs under control
You can’t save money if you don’t know how you’re already spending it. Whether you need to track labor hours or get a better understanding of how much you’re spending on parts and supplies, ManagerPlus can help you generate detailed cost analysis reports so you can see exactly where your money’s going and how you can keep costs down.


Janitorial & Custodial Facility Management Uses

Education Centers
Industrial Buildings & Plants
Private & Public Facilities

Education Centers

Education Centers

Now more than ever, teachers, faculty, students, and parents are relying on you to keep their schools clean and properly sanitized. That means you’ve had to add more procedures and items to your team’s daily task list, so you need a software solution to help manage it all. ManagerPlus is easy to use and instantly notifies you of new cleaning or maintenance requests, lets you quickly reallocate resources where they’re needed most, and helps you see exactly where your team’s time and budget is going.

Industrial Buildings & Plants

Industrial Buildings & Plants

Your clients are relying on you to keep their work site clean, safe, and operational so they can do their job. With ManagerPlus, you can prioritize and assign work requests as they come in and track the status of the task from start to finish. Easily assign parts and labor costs to the job, then assign it to the right customer so you can keep track of exactly where your expenses are coming from.

Private & Public Facilities

Private & Public Facilities

Private and public facilities alike expect a lot from you on a tight budget. You need to respond to requests quickly and keep your customers in the loop every step of the way. ManagerPlus Lightning is your command center where you can prioritize work requests, easily communicate with clients throughout the job, and track your team and supplies across the facility.

Janitorial & Custodial Software Solutions


Mobile App & Web-based

Your team is always on the go, and constantly having to run back and forth to the maintenance office to follow up on tasks and pick up work orders is inefficient and time consuming. ManagerPlus is mobile friendly, which means you can access it from any laptop, tablet, or smartphone. The mobile apps let your team access everything they need from their connected device, making it easy for them to perform the task and closeout from wherever they are.



It’s almost impossible to grow your business and attract new clients if you don’t know how you’re currently spending your money and resources. Track the progress of open work orders, keep an eye on inventory levels, get updates on the health of your assets, and more, all with ManagerPlus.


Work Order Management

Work orders are the bedrock of any cleaning and maintenance team, but complicated, inefficient work order procedures only slow everyone down. With ManagerPlus, work orders live in the cloud which means you can create them quickly, customize them with specific procedures and best practices, and instantly send them to your team wherever they are.  


Vendor/Contractor/Subcontractor Management

No one has to do it all by themselves, and bringing in vendors doesn’t have to be a frustrating or complicated process. Generate and assign work orders to vendors just like you do to your internal team and even set them to send automatically for repeat work. There’s no extra logins, licenses or passwords to deal with either.  



Keeping up with all your work requests requires a good amount of planning. You need to be prepared for bigger projects, like when a company is moving floors in your building. ManagerPlus helps you visualize what jobs and resources you have scheduled, and you can quickly drag-and-drop to reassign things as needed, so you never get caught off guard.  



When you’re bidding for new clients, you need to know how much to charge so you can keep growing your business. ManagerPlus helps you generate intelligent, data-driven costs analysis reports so you can go into pitch meetings with confidence.  


Asset Management

Whether it’s custodial carts or golf carts, you need to keep assets in good working order. Track all your asset data from work hours to parts used so you can make informed decisions on when to repair or replace your assets.  


Maintenance Management

Preventive maintenance is vital to custodial teams. Schedule routine maintenance work like repairing cleaning equipment and replacing replacing lightbulbs around breaks and work schedules and quickly reallocate resources with the drag-and-drop calendar.


Inventory Management

It takes a lot of inventory for a custodial team to function effectively, and you need to keep track of it all to know how much you’re spending. With ManagerPlus, you can automatically assign inventory to regular tasks and keep up-to-date records of what supplies you have and where you have them.  


Equipment Management

Your team relies on their equipment to get the job done, so help them work better by staying updated on equipment status. ManagerPlus can help you figure out what you need to repair and what may be time to replace. 

Janitorial & Custodial Software Services

  • Implementation
  • Training
  • Integrations/APIs

Implementing EAM software at your company doesn’t have to be difficult. We’ve been building and implementing ManagerPlus for over 20 years, so our teams know how to get it right the first time. Begin optimizing your preventive maintenance program quickly with our customized implementation program. We built it to meet your industry-specific needs.


Your success is important to us, and our training experts are passionate about helping your team get the most out of our software. Every month our live webinars take an in-depth look at one of our features and all our past webinars are readily available to go back and watch at any time. Our online learning center also has hundreds of resources that cover every part of our software so you can easily find the answers you need.


ManagerPlus offers support for a wide range of third-party data tracking systems. We can seamlessly integrate with the tracking system you are already using so you don’t lose any critical data. We also have an open API, so if you use a proprietary system, your developers can easily build it right into ManagerPlus.

Janitorial & Custodial Facility Management Software

Office workers, students, government workers, and countless others rely on your janitorial and custodial teams more than they think. They are counting on you to keep their work and learning environments safe and comfortable so they can do their jobs.  

ManagerPlus helps you improve your team’s efficiency and cut costs so you can keep your clients, and their employees, safe and happy.


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