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Fleet Management and Maintenance Software for All Your Vehicles

Mobile-friendly fleet management software that helps you track, analyze, and improve operations while saving money in the long run.

With ManagerPlus Lightning from iOFFICE, stay closely connected to everyone on the team, no matter how far apart.

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Take control of your fleet management with ManagerPlus Lightning

Fleet operators, government agencies, and other organizations can track all aspects of fleet maintenance management with fleet management software— everything from providing service technicians with step-by-step instructions to calculating total cost of ownership to collecting real-time Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports. 

ManagerPlus helps you manage: 

  • Optimize inspections 
  • Streamline maintenance operations 
  • Improve preventive maintenance 
  • Manage inventory levels 
  • Organize work orders 
  • Grow your business 
  • Track usage data 
fleet maintenance software

Control your team’s bandwidth with Maintenance operations

Take control of your maintenance operations with ManagerPlus. Know exactly what work is being performed on which vehicle by which technician all from one dashboard. Our cloud-based software instantly updates when changes are made so you don’t miss anything. Avoid scheduling too much for an individual with logic built into our dispatching tools to understand the time associated with each task and automatically reschedule for another day if there aren’t enough hours.

fleet maintenance tracking software

Keep your fleet moving with Preventive maintenance

Routine maintenance work is vital to keeping your vehicles on the road. Use ManagerPlus to create custom work order templates and automatically schedule your routine work so critical preventive maintenance stays on schedule.

fleet maintenance management software

Save money and carry the right Inventory levels

Eliminate unnecessary carrying costs with ManagerPlus. Our software keeps track of every part and where it’s assigned and updates inventory levels in real time. You’ll be notified when it’s time to order more so you aren’t holding on to parts you don’t need and can submit a purchase order directly from the software. With our advanced inventory software, you can ensure you have accurate data and the parts when you need them. 

fleet tracking software

Gain visibility into your work orders

With so many vehicles and technicians always on the job, you need to know who’s performing what work and on what asset. ManagerPlus keeps track of every work order so you can follow up with technicians if there’s a question. Spot gaps in your maintenance team and schedule the right resources. 

fleet maintenance management software

Built for every size organization

We built ManagerPlus Lightning to grow your company. As you expand and bring on additional vehicles, technicians, tools, and more, we're right there beside you. Take control of any sized fleet with ManagerPlus Lightning. 

fleet vehicle maintenance tracking software

Track usage data straight from the field

With your workforce connected via the ManagerPlus Work Companion App or the Operator Companion, you can collect information about your fleet’s usage straight from the end user.  Get mileage and machine hour information logged right after it was used and keep your database accurate or get notified of any issues impacting the asset. 

fleet inspection management tracking

Inspections on the go

As a fleet manager, you’ve got countless inspection records to track. Use ManagerPlus to store DVIRs and other maintenance inspection reports so you can always prove compliance whenever it’s time for an audit. And our mobile apps let operators and technicians access your vehicle data while staying on the move.  Just scan a QR code, complete an inspection and have all the information seamlessly flow to the database to be stored and used whenever you need it.  Whether you need a simple pass/fail checklist or a more comprehensive process, our custom templates will meet your needs.

Prevent Downtime with Inspections


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ManagerPlus by iOFFICE is considered a vital tool within our organization.

- Gaylord Wallance Maintenance Manager, City of Cleveland
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Fleet Software Solutions and Features

Transform your inspection responsibilities from a complicated chore into a connected, efficient process with the ManagerPlus Inspection Module. No more chasing paper or pulling assets offline for hours just to await work orders.
Fleet Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software

Fleet Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)

There’s a lot to keep track of when managing a fleet, and ManagerPlus Lightning gives you all the tools you need to keep your drivers safe and your vehicles on the road. Keep track of every aspect of your fleet from work orders to inspection reports to parts inventory, all from one place. 

Mobile Fleet Management app

Mobile Fleet Management

Stay connected to your fleet no matter where you are. ManagerPlus is mobile friendly so you and your drivers can access, upload, and update data from any Internet- connected devices. And since it lives in the cloud, everything is updated in real time, so you don’t miss a thing. 

Fleet CMMS software

Fleet CMMS

good computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) is the backbone of a strong fleet maintenance strategy. ManagerPlus Lightning incorporates all the features of a CMMS so you can take control of your vehicle maintenance operations.  

fleet maintenance system

Fleet Maintenance & Repair

Every minute a vehicle’s down is money you’re losing. ManagePlus Lightning helps you stay on top of critical maintenance to keep your vehicles on the road longer and your deliveries on time.

fleet preventive maintenance software

Fleet Preventive Maintenance

A properly managed preventive maintenance program is vital to maximizing your vehicle uptime. Use ManagerPlus to schedule maintenance work before assets fail and optimize your technicians’ wrench time. 

fleet Inventory Management software

Inventory Management

Maintaining vehicles requires a lot of parts and if you don’t know how your inventory is being used, it’s impossible to know which parts you really need on hand. With ManagerPlus, every time a work order is generated, the required parts are automatically assigned, and inventory levels are updated to reflect changes. Best of all, you’ll be notified when it’s time to order more, cutting down your carrying costs. 

Fleet Tracking software

Fleet Tracking

With so many vehicles on the road, you need to know what’s happening with them and when something needs to be repaired. Keep track of every aspect of your vehicles while they’re on the road and manage maintenance work from wherever you are.  

fleet Vendor Management software

Vendor Management

Vendors are a vital part of your maintenance program, but calling and emailing constantly to keep track of maintenance work is a frustrating waste of time. ManagerPlus lets you manage vendor work orders right from inside the software. Generate, assign, and follow up on work orders from anywhere. 

fleet Work Orders management software

Work Orders

Take control of your work orders and stop playing catch-up. Use ManagerPlus Lightning to automatically schedule PMs and build custom templates for routine maintenance work. Track maintenance work over time to spot gaps in your program and discover assets that might need replacing.  

fleet scheduling software

Fleet Scheduling

Set mileage-based metrics for your vehicles and ManagerPlus automatically generates and assigns work orders without you having to do a thing. Plan your critical routine maintenance work in advance and keep your vehicles on the road longer.

fleet equipment management software

Fleet Equipment Management

If you’ve got heavy equipment in your fleet, we’ve got you covered. Track work orders, inventory, inspection records, and everything else, just like you would for a work truck. No matter what you need to manage, do it all with ManagerPlus.

fleet Customer Management software

Customer Management

If you’re performing work for your customers, associate them to each work order and get a sense of where your revenue is coming in. Track work over time for each customer and lean on reports to understand your efforts with external parties. 

fleet Reporting software


You need data to make informed decisions about how to invest in your fleet. Generate custom reports based on the KPIs that matter most to your business, and see how well, or how poorly, your fleet performs over time.


ManagerPlus Fleet EAM Services

  • Implementation
  • Training
  • Integrations/APIs

Implementing EAM software at your company doesn’t have to be difficult. We’ve been building and implementing ManagerPlus for over 20 years, so our teams know how to get it right the first time. Begin optimizing your preventive maintenance program quickly with our customized implementation program built to meet your needs. 


Your success is important to us and our training experts are passionate about helping your team get the most out of our software. Every month our live webinars take an in-depth look at one of our features and all our past webinars are readily available to go back and watch at any time. Our online learning center also has hundreds of resources that cover every part of our software so you can easily find the answers you need. 


ManagerPlus offers support for a wide range of third-party data tracking systems. We can seamlessly integrate with the tracking system you are already using so you don’t lose any critical data. Our platform is also built on an open API so if you use a proprietary system, your developers can easily build it right into ManagerPlus. 

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