Inspections made easy

Streamline inspections and ditch paper pile-ups. Protect your fleet and equipment assets with real-time inspections on a lightning-fast EAM platform.

Close the loop on inspections
and get your assets back online faster

The ManagerPlus Inspection Module transforms your inspection responsibilities from a complicated chore into a connected, efficient process. From pretrip inspections for fleet vehicles to operator inspections for equipment, you'll gain more critical hours of uptime. No more chasing paper or pulling assets offline for hours just to await work orders.
Here’s how it works

Operators complete the inspection

With the mobile Operator Companion, your operators complete inspections quickly, feeding real-time information into your dashboard from the road, the shop floor, or anywhere. Your DVIR vehicle safety inspections and your equipment safety checklists will be done correctly and quickly.


Simple PASS/FAIL buttons verify asset status

Each checklist allows you to control the criteria permitting assets to pass inspection and move onto operation, or when they need corrective-action repairs or maintenance. Customize your inspection templates for each type of asset and collect exactly the data you need.


Automatic work orders streamline corrective actions

When an asset fails an inspection, the Inspection Module will automatically prompt a work order to ensure appropriate corrective actions are completed without delay. The streamlined process closes the loop on equipment and fleet maintenance so tasks never fall through the cracks.


Your assets are back online in no time

With the closed loop inspections process, assets will be ready for safe operation sooner, which means greater asset availability and a better bottom line. Best of all, you can easily store, analyze and report all your data for compliance.

Ensure compliance with DVIR, safety guidelines, warranty specifications, and more

Inspections are a critical part of your asset strategy. The ManagerPlus Lightning Inspection Module helps you assure safety and compliance with pretrip and post-operation checklists that can be completed quickly on the road, on the shop floor, or anywhere.

View real-time updates for every asset

You need to know the status of every asset in real time. With the ManagerPlus Lightning Inspection Module, you can view your full list of safety inspections as well as specific failure codes, corrective actions, and work orders.

Intuitive PASS/FAIL checklists for operators create a digital audit trail

Use PASS/FAIL buttons in the module’s Operator Companion tool to prevent operators from “pencil whipping” their way through important items. Add photo options to document evidence of passing or failing items on your inspections checklist.

Custom fields let you tailor the inspections and corrections process

With the Work Companion feature, you can add fully detailed, standard operating procedures to ensure all corrective actions are completed according to compliance measures. Add photos to take the guesswork out of inspection-related maintenance.

Trigger instant work orders to complete corrective action ASAP

Don’t delay critical corrective actions when an item fails inspection. Trigger repair and maintenance work orders immediately so your assets can get back online sooner. Improving asset availability also improves your bottom line.

Document inspections and corrective actions to verify compliance

Paper inspection reports are difficult to organize and impossible to store. With the ManagerPlus Lightning Inspection Module, your digital inspection data is easily accessible and reportable at a moment’s notice.
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