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Make assets better available

Use a coordinated asset strategy — one that includes everything from preventive maintenance to repairs and replacement — to minimize downtime

  • Save time and increase asset availability with automated preventive maintenance schedules
  • Thanks to real-time updates, operators know to immediately start up assets after a repair
  • Analyze the life cycle data of assets so you can effectively map out a replacement timeline

Lengthen the longevity of assets

Improve your asset ROI from day one with better service time and extended life cycles

  • Define triggers based on asset condition, use, period of time, or other customized parameters to optimize your preventive maintenance plan
  • Ensure maintenance doesn't fall through the cracks with automated preventive tasks
  • Generate custom reports that help you continue to improve the overall quality of your efforts

Get back time spent on data entry and errors

Mobile tools and drag-and-drop functions give you back valuable time and make your data collection more accurate

  • No matter where you are, even if you're offline, you can collect data and photos
  • Quickly and easily reschedule maintenance tasks, work orders, and more via drag-and-drop features
  • Verify replacement parts and individual assets using bar code and QR code scanning (say goodbye to the days of having to squint at tiny serial numbers)

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