While your teams include many roles, not everyone requires the same type of access to get their jobs done.

Improve productivity and make everyone’s day a little easier by choosing individual levels of access to ManagerPlus Lightning, based on each person’s unique role. Ensure your team members have exactly the right information for their responsibilities without slowing them down with details they don’t need.

asset manager

Bring your teams together in real time

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ManagerPlus Lightning

Asset manager
Asset Manager

As an asset manager, you need access to all the powerful enterprise asset management (EAM) features from maintenance scheduling and dashboards to vendor management and inventory reports. Desktop and mobile access ensures you can leverage deep insights to keep daily operations running smoothly.

enterprise leader
Enterprise Leader

Enterprise leaders can easily view real-time metrics and budget data on intuitive dashboards and business intelligence reports. Access the top-level insights you want with desktop and mobile access.

Work orders on mobile

Work Companion


Drive greater productivity with mobile access for your tech teams. Whether on the shop floor, in the field, or on the road, they’ll have work orders and instructions at their fingertips. For each job, they can provide real-time updates and sign off quickly to create a time-stamped audit trail.

operator companion on mobile

Operator Companion


Your equipment and fleet vehicle operators need mobile access so they can collect and record data from anywhere. Mobile access is ideal for completing inspections and prompting immediate work orders for priority maintenance actions.


Only pay for what you need


Bring your whole team together

Everyone can communicate seamlessly to close the loop on all your asset-related tasks without the price of full access.

time and money

Save time and money

With an “ecosystem” of access to your ManagerPlus Lightning platform, no one has to rekey data or input information as a separate task.


Give your budget a break

Only pay for the features your teams need, based on their individual roles. That way, you gain more EAM capabilities for less money.

  • ManagerPlus Lightning EAM software for leaders/managers
  • Work Companion app for technicians
  • Operator Companion app for operators and drivers

Calculate your custom price

Select the features and enter the number of users you need to get an instant estimate.

See how the Lightning ecosystem works across your enterprise

Mobile EAM means greater efficiency and a better bottom line

Mobile EAM access is the tool you need to get more done in less time. Improve productivity, communication, data collection, and more by leveraging the Lightning ecosystem across your entire enterprise. With Lightning, you can extend the value of your EAM investment without breaking the bank.

Mangerplus lightning software

Enterprise leaders

Business intelligence

Surface valuable data to make quantified business decisions based on real-world metrics. Track your key performance indicators from anywhere and strategize your next move.

Custom reporting

Customize reports for unique insights or use templates for quick tracking. Automation tools ensure the information reaches all the right people at the right time, no matter where they are.

Safety and inspections documentation

Secure the correct documentation from equipment and fleet vehicle inspections in real time to help protect your organization from costly regulatory fines, liability, and more.

Asset manager dashboard

Asset managers

Real-time updates

Surface valuable data to make quantified business decisions based on real-world metrics. Track your key performance indicators from anywhere and strategize your next move.

Automated work orders

Streamline your maintenance processes by automating work order scheduling and notifications so nothing ever falls through the cracks, even when you’re away.

Audit trails

Digital sign off on tasks, work orders, and inspections will ensure you gain the accountability you need from your remote teams while creating a time-stamped audit trail.

Fast mobile features

Avoid unnecessary connection delays, so work gets done sooner. Even offline, your features fully operate and your data syncs when you reconnect.

Technicians dashboard


Information access from anywhere

Your easy-to-use mobile Work Companion tools put asset information, photos, and maintenance history at your fingertips, no matter where you are.

Barcode and QR code scanning

Ensure you’re working on the right assets and using the right parts with a super-quick scan on your mobile device.

Schedules on the go

Mobile access means you can plan your day and move from task to task without phone calls, emails, or wasted trips back to home base.

Digital sign off

Close out tasks and file inspection reports with the touch of button. No paper to get lost or pile up.

Operators dashboard


Direct notification

Alert maintenance teams immediately via the Operator Companion app when an asset needs attention, no matter where you are.

Photo upload

Easily upload photos from your device to communicate maintenance issue details in seconds.

Intuitive interface

Make your day easier and more productive with simple one-touch mobile tools and inspection reports contained in Operator Companion.

How Lightning compares
to other solutions

Built for your entire enterprise

Got big growth plans? Gain measurable value at a fraction of the price and scale up whenever you need to.

Affordable license types for teams and leaders

By choosing the levels of access you need based on roles and responsibilities, you save more while keeping your teams connected.

Lightning-fast interface

Quickly jump from inventory management to preventive maintenance, then head over to forecasting and scheduling. Stay fully connected, anywhere.

Easy set up and simple to use

Get started with minimal IT costs. Nothing to install, no updates to download. Access the latest version with full capabilities all the time.

Custom onboarding experiences

Choose from 30-, 60-, or 90-day onboarding plans for a smooth rollout with no business disruption.

Smart business intelligence tools

Get performance stats in a snap including inventory reconciliation, mean time to failure, preventive maintenance completion rates, and much more.

Robust integrations

Eliminate the need for program-hopping by integrating your applications through connectors and API.

Expert support

Need help? Our team of customer success experts are asset champions, and they’re just an email or phone call away.
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ManagerPlus is the preferred solution across the most asset-intensive industries, including Fortune 500 companies, to improve reliability and cut downtime.

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