Extend the features of ManagerPlus with our optional plugins.

Request Management

The Request Management is an intuitive and easy-to-use maintenance ticketing system that allows unlimited designated users to submit work requests. These requests may be used to generate work orders in the ManagerPlus system for easy tracking and completion with minimal IT support.


Business Intelligence (Bi)

Gain new insights into your business operations with the NEW ManagerPlus Business Intelligence Tool. This is your one source for analyzing data fast and easy in a dynamic and intuitive way. ManagerPlus Business Intelligence will transform the way your organization solves tangible problems through; integrated business insights, fast and easy data analysis, and automated & specialized reporting.


The Invoicing Plugin allows you to create estimates, invoices, and returns from within ManagerPlus. Include parts, services or other cost items in the invoices you create. And, you’ll be able to create invoices directly from completed work orders helping to ensure you’re paid for your work! The module has the flexibility to set standard service rates and part price point markups or override them for specific customers. This module will pay for itself in improved billing.

Connector / API

No more jumping from program to program. ManagerPlus Connectors enable ManagerPlus to share data with the other business applications you use, making it easier to get more done in one place.

Connectors enable you to integrate ManagerPlus with your other important business applications. And for everything else, there’s an open API. We want you to get the most out of ManagerPlus. And by making it flexible, expandable, connectable, and with API development—integral, we want to be the last asset management solution you’ll ever need.


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