computerized maintenance management system CMMS software solution

What is a CMMS software?

A computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) software is a digital platform for managing preventive maintenance including work orders, equipment maintenance, and inventory control.



computerized maintenance management system CMMS software solution

Take control of your maintenance

Managing asset maintenance work is a complex task with lots of moving parts. You need a digital solution that can streamline your operations and cut your maintenance costs. A robust CMMS helps you do all that and more.

With ManagerPlus, you have all the tools you need to improve your maintenance efficiency, automate your regular maintenance tasks, and optimize your preventive maintenance activities.

computerized maintenance management system CMMS software solution for desktop and mobile

Use ManagerPlus CMMS software to:

Streamline your work order system
  • Gain visibility into your operations by tracking work order histories—all from one place
  • Discover gaps in communication between both internal teams and third-party vendors
  • Cut costs by tracking expenses tied to work orders, parts, labor, and more
Manage costs
  • Generate reports on your maintenance costs to make better decisions on where to spend your money
  • Track inventory to determine what you may be spending too much on
  • Get ahead of expensive reactive maintenance issues
Improve efficiency
  • Increase uptime by planning and scheduling preventive maintenance efforts to keep your assets online
  • Adapt to inefficiencies quickly with real-time data and reporting
  • Automatically schedule and store work orders in a single, always-connected database
eam software vs cmms software


Both CMMS and EAM deliver maintenance and asset management, but there are important differences. When choosing the one that’s right for you, start with your goals.

Do you need to standardize and streamline your maintenance operations, implement and track a preventive maintenance program? Or do you need cradle-to-grave asset management that also includes comprehensive maintenance?

We’re here to help you find the solution that’s right for you. ManagerPlus can help you meet your goals, no matter how you use it. Learn more here.

Get started with the ManagerPlus CMMS Software Today

Your business has lots of moving parts, so get more done by managing all your asset maintenance in one place.

CMMS Solutions

CMMS software is designed to help you take control of your maintenance operations. Using paper and spreadsheets to manage your work orders is inefficient and prone to errors. ManagerPlus lives in the cloud and is always connected and you can automate your maintenance work and keep track of every detail so the work gets done right the first time.

CMMS Maintenance & Repair software solution

CMMS Maintenance & Repair

Simplify maintenance management whether you’re at your desk or on the go with the tools you need to organize, manage, and track your maintenance operations.

CMMS Maintenance & Repair Management software solution

CMMS Tracking

Track all the critical data you need to make informed decisions about how to invest in your assets. Discover gaps in your maintenance strategies and avoid unnecessary costs.

Preventive Maintenance Management software solution

CMMS Preventive Maintenance

You already know that having a good preventive maintenance strategy in place saves you time and money and keeps your crew safe. Stay on top of your PMs by setting ManagerPlus to automatically trigger them based on preset conditions such as time and mileage.

cmms planning software solution

CMMS Planning Software

Reduce unplanned downtime by scheduling critical maintenance activities before your equipment fails. Take control of reactive maintenance, only using it when you need to.

cmms asset management software solution

CMMS Asset Management

ManagerPlus equipment maintenance software helps you monitor equipment performance to make informed decisions to replace or continue maintenance on your assets. Easily track and reduce equipment downtime using the intuitive downtime module. By tracking downtime for each unit and across the entire facility (including those with multiple sites), facility managers can closely monitor their equipment health, boosting longevity.

Use historical equipment maintenance reports to see a wide range of information, including the number of demand and scheduled work orders created for each unit as well as the total repair cost on all serviced equipment over a specified time period.

Empower decision-makers to make quick, well-informed spending decisions with real-time insight into your assets and equipment management. Take control of your assets with our ManagerPlus Lightning EAM solution.

CMMS Work Orders software solution

CMMS Work Orders

Keeps all your work orders online so both your internal and external teams can update and complete them from wherever they are.

With our mobile apps, operators can perform inspections and request maintenance work from wherever they are. Technicians can scan a QR or bar code on the asset to instantly pull up any relevant information and associated work orders.

Create custom work order templates with expert knowledge and best practices so even if your experts aren’t available, your other technicians can still get the job done. Customize work order templates and automatically generate, assign, and track your most common preventive maintenance tasks. Detailed work orders include all the information techs need to get the job done and reduce completion times.

Streamline vendor communication by automatically sending them work orders that let them view, complete, and attach invoices without needing a license or any additional software.

CMMS Inventory Management software solution

CMMS Inventory Management

Don’t waste time and money holding on to inventory you don’t need. Use ManagerPlus to manage your inventory and always know the right time to order more parts. You can also see exactly where parts are going and how they’re being used to better understand your true cost of materials.

CMMS Reporting software solution

CMMS Reporting

You can only plug holes in your maintenance operations if you know where the problems are in the first place. With ManagerPlus Lightning, you can generate detailed reports on every aspect of your maintenance work so you can see precisely what’s going on.

When you know where your money is going, what assets are costing you the most, and where your labor costs are going and why, you can develop an informed plan to plug the holes, cut costs, and improve uptime.


Our CMMS Software Services

  • CMMS Setup services
  • CMMS Training
  • CMMS Support
  • Integrations/API
Setup CMMS Setup services

We’ve been building and implementing EAM software for over 20 years, so our teams know how to get it right the first time. Our customized implementation program means you get a whole lot more than just some generic training materials. Tell us how much help you want, and we’ll be as hands on or as hands off as you need.

CMMS Training managerplus services CMMS Training

Your success is important to us and our training experts are passionate about helping your team get the most out of our software. Every month our live webinars take an in-depth look at one of our features and all our past webinars are readily available to go back and watch at any time. Our online learning center also has hundreds of resources that cover every part of our software so you can easily find the answers you need. 

CMMS Support managerplus services CMMS Support

Our customer success team is the best in the business, and they know our software better than anyone. Whatever questions you have, we’re ready to help.

Integrations/API managerplus services Integrations/API

ManagerPlus can do a lot on its own, but we make it easy to incorporate data from systems you are already using. We can connect with popular third-party asset data services or if you have you own proprietary tracking software, you developers can quickly integrate it with the ManagerPlus platform, so you don’t lose any of your critical data.

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No matter what kind of assets you need to maintain, ManagerPlus has you covered. As a SaaS based platform, ManagerPlus can be accessed from anywhere via our mobile app, with or without internet access.



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