This week, we want to go into some simple tips to help you improve the way you assign your work to your employees. Our Planning and Assignment Board has the power to bring your scheduling into the modern era. Here are some steps to upgrade your scheduling process and make things better on both you and your employees.

Generate Work Orders

First, you need to know where your work orders and inspections are coming from. ManagerPlus can generate work orders from many different places. You can directly enter a work order, assign a work request to convert it into a work order, set up Preventive Maintenance (PM) schedule to automatically generate work orders, or even generate work orders based on the results from inspections.

No matter where the work order comes from, ManagerPlus brings them all together in the Request Management dashboard. This is another way the ManagerPlus Asset Management platform makes sure that all work orders are collected in one view, so you’ll never miss any of them.

Prioritize your organization’s work

There is no way to complete all of your organization’s work orders every day. This is difficult only accounting for your most pressing work orders and PMs, without even looking at all of the backlog and possible inspections. This means you need to prioritize your work.

ManagerPlus allows you to set priorities for all of your work orders. You can decide what types of priorities your organization wants to have within ManagerPlus. Then, when assigning a priority, your chosen priorities appear in a drop-down list when creating a work request. So, when you see your list of work orders, you’ll know which ones need to be done first.

Plan and Schedule

Once you know the priority of your work orders, it’s time to plan them, assigning them to your employees. With the ManagerPlus Planning Board, this is as simple as drag and drop onto your employees’ schedules. You can see what work has already been assigned and strategically plan to include it. Schedules can display by the day, the week, or the month. You can also sort your work by location, department, or teams.

Once you have planned your schedule, it is crucial that your employees know their schedules. While this could be done with a white board, ManagerPlus has a better solution with our mobile app. With the ManagerPlus mobile app, your employees can view their schedule from any mobile device. No more returning to see the white board, and no more waiting to report when they finish their work. Everything can be done from their mobile device.

If you are looking for the kind of power and opportunities the ManagerPlus Planning Board offers, we invite you to give us a call and let us show you how the Request Management and the Planning Board can improve your business. If you’re already using the Planning and Assignment Board, we’d love to hear your success stories about how ManagerPlus has changed your scheduling for the better.

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