Get the most out of EAM software with our third party integrations, connectors, and open API

You need ManagerPlus to help optimize your assets, but you’re already tracking important data using other services. Don’t worry. We can seamlessly integrate data from other software so you don’t have to hop between systems.

Those Tracking services are great for collecting data, but it’s not really useful unless you can analyze it and use it make informed spending decisions. Bring your external data into ManagerPlus and use our intelligent software to generate detailed reports that give you higher visibility into your operations.



Manage all your external data with ManagerPlus Lightning

Custom connections



Manually entering and tracking vehicle data inevitably leads to errors which can lead to missed critical maintenance work. Ensure all your mileage/kilometer as well as odometer data is accurate and up to date by integrating your tracking solution into ManagerPlus.

Tracking vehicle mileage is great, but most external systems can’t do much beyond showing you the numbers. Use ManagerPlus to automatically schedule preventive maintenance and generate and assign work orders based on your actual vehicle mileage. You can also generate Business Intelligence reports to get detailed insights into your costs to make sure you’re spending your money where you need to be.


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You need to know what’s happening with your equipment so you can make the right spending decisions. Bring your equipment’s data into ManagerPlus with our connectors to you always have the information you need whenever you making decisions and evaluating your equipment.

Making decisions based on inaccurate data can cost you time and money. By integrating directly into the tracking solutions you’re already using, you can eliminate data entry errors and ensure you’re making the right decisions.

How much time do you waste jumping back and forth between programs to pull up equipment information? Tracking data across multiple systems is time-consuming and increases the chance of errors. Save time and money by consolidating your data into one secure, unified, always-connected solution.

Custom connections

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Custom connections

Don’t use one of the solutions listed below? Let our sales team know what you need and we’ll see how our team can help.

Does your company use your own in-house tracking software? ManagerPlus is built on an open API which means it’s designed to be easily upgraded and integrated with other solutions. Your IT team can easily incorporate your system into ManagerPlus so you don’t lose any important data.

Trying to implement a new system while ensuring you don’t lose any critical data can be intimidating. Our highly trained implementation experts work with you to make sure you have everything you need to begin optimizing your assets from day one.

Full Onboarding & Implementation

Improving your preventive maintenance program is one of the main reasons to implement an EAM solution. Often the most difficult part of implementing EAM software is gathering accurate data about your assets and inventory.

After chatting with our experts about what assets you have and which ones you want to import, we can build a complete turnkey solution for your company.

Our auditing specialists will come to as many sites as you need and take a complete inventory of your major equipment and assets.

Our Onboarding Specialists will:
  • Inventory all mechanical, electrical, plumbing, kitchen, medical, and production machinery
  • Upload all equipment and asset details to the EAM
  • Help you fine-tune your preventive maintenance program using preventive maintenance software in line with industry best practices

Once your information has been imported, it’s time to get your team trained. We have a wide variety of resources in our Online Learning Center where you can learn everything you need to know on your own schedule.

Depending on what features you are most interested in, there are hours of lessons available that are designed to turn beginners into experts.

Due to COVID-19, we currently are not offering on-site training but rest assured, as soon as we’re able, we’ll be ready to come see you.

With our customized onboarding packages, no matter how complex your organization, we can create a complete onboarding and implementation solution for you that fits both your needs and budget.


Premier Connectors

We work with some of the most popular tracking systems available including:

ClearPathGPS is a GPS unit provider.

Brings in Assets based on Serial/VIN, Brings in log data.


GeoTab is a GPS unit provider.

Brings in Assets based on Serial/VIN, Brings in log data.


Operations Center and JD Link are monitoring solutions provided by John Deere.

Brings in Assets based on Serial/VIN, Brings in log data.


Zonar is a GPS unit provider.

Brings in Assets based on Serial/VIN, Brings in log data.


Cat Product Link and Subsequently Vision Link is a GPS unit solution.

Brings in Assets based on Serial/VIN, Brings in log data.


Volvo CareTrack is a GPS unit provider.

Brings in Assets based on Serial/VIN, Brings in log data.


GPS Insight is a GPS unit provider.

Brings in Assets based on Serial/VIN, Brings in log data.


Full API Access

ManagerPlus has a completely open API, making makes it easier to build any custom tools you need. You might have specialized assets which use your own custom designed software. Your developers can quickly and easily integrate your system into ManagerPlus because it’s built using industry standard integration practices.

Imagine being able to access and review all the data you need, all in one spot.

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