Always have the right parts in the right place at the right time

A poorly managed inventory can cost you more than you might think. In fact, over 50% of unplanned equipment downtime can be traced to a lack of parts.

Having the right software to manage and track your inventory can make a difference in your bottom line almost immediately, saving you as much as 30% over the long-term.


Use ManagerPlus inventory management software to:

  • Eliminate unnecessary carrying costs
  • Track inventory across locations
  • Assign inventory to work orders
  • Reduce unplanned downtime
  • Ensure critical parts are always on hand
  • Audit the inventory

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Eliminate carrying costs

The fact is, about 90% of maintenance, repair, and operation (MRO) inventory isn’t used on a yearly basis. That’s a lot of inventory you’re carrying that you don’t need. With the right tracking software, you can order parts as you need them and stop wasting money carrying parts you don’t need.

Know where everything is

With so many parts to keep track of, you need a system that can tell you exactly what you have and where it’s going. Even with parts spread out across multiple locations, with ManagerPlus you always know what you have and where it is.


Automatically assign and update inventory

Have you ever assigned a part to a work order only to have a technician grab it because it was still in the bin? With ManagerPlus, you can automatically assign parts to work orders so if a technician tries to check it out for a job, it’s already claimed for your more critical work. The moment a part is claimed, the database is automatically updated to reflect any changes.


Reduce unplanned downtime

Over half of all unplanned equipment downtime is due to a lack of parts, so simply having the right parts on hand at the right time can help you avoid many catastrophic equipment failures. Take control of your inventory and get ahead of equipment failures with ManagerPlus from iOFFICE.


Audit the Inventory

With cycle counts in ManagerPlus, you can ensure inventory stays accurate with guided processes to audit and correct any errors. Retain accurate records and keep the employees honest with reminders to audit the inventory. With inventory tracking in ManagerPlus, you can set custom min/max levels and get instantly notified when you’re low.

Ensure critical part availability

Never miss crucial maintenance work again. With inventory tracking in ManagerPlus, you can set custom min/max levels and get instantly notified when you’re running low on important inventory.


Only pay for what you need


Bring your whole team together

Everyone can communicate seamlessly to close the loop on all your asset-related tasks without the price of full access.


Save time and money

With an “ecosystem” of access to your ManagerPlus Lightning platform, no one has to rekey data or input information as a separate task.


Give your budget a break

Only pay for the features your teams need, based on their individual roles. That way, you gain more EAM capabilities for less money.

  • ManagerPlus Lightning EAM software for leaders/managers
  • Work Companion app for technicians
  • Operator Companion app for operators and drivers

Calculate your custom price

Select the features and enter the number of users you need to get an instant estimate.

Inventory Management System Solutions and Benefits

Mobile Inventory Management App
Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)
CMMS for Inventory Management
Inventory Maintenance & Repair
Inventory Preventive Maintenance
Inventory Tracking
Work Orders
Inventory Planning
Vendor Management software
Equipment Inventory Management

Mobile Inventory Management App


Your technicians are always on the go and you need an inventory management solution that can keep up. As soon as an operator marks an asset as having failed an inspection, a work order is automatically generated and the correct parts immediately assigned. When you’re running low on stock, you’ll get notified when it’s time to reorder.

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)


Manage your entire family of assets with ManagerPlus from iOFFICEGain insights into exactly how your inventory is being allocated and what’s impacting your productivity. Discover how well, or how poorly, your assets are performing and where you can fill in the gaps.

CMMS for Inventory Management


A strong computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) is the best way to manage and track every aspect of your maintenance operations, including par levels. From start to finish, CMMS software gives you the tools to optimize your MRO inventory budget. Manage maintenance operations with our Hippo CMMS platform or take control of your entire asset operations with our ManagerPlus EAM solution.

Inventory Maintenance & Repair


Up to 50% of all unplanned downtime can be traced back to a lack of parts. Make sure your technicians always have the right parts in the right place at the right time, so you never miss critical maintenance work on your most important assets.

Inventory Preventive Maintenance


Your preventive maintenance program is vital to properly maintaining your assets but it’s only as good as the parts you have available. Use ManagerPlus to automatically assign parts to work orders as soon as they’re created while inventory levels are updated in real time. And because you can schedule your PMs well in advance, you can place orders for critical parts well ahead of time so they arrive just before they’re needed.

Inventory Tracking


If you aren’t properly tracking your inventory, you’ll never know what you have, or what you don’t. And your technicians will never be able to find the parts they need when they need them, which means vital maintenance work doesn’t get done. Ensure your assets never go down when you need them most by always keeping the right inventory on hand.

Work Orders


ManagerPlus Lightning from iOFFICE lets you create detailed work orders with part lists and materials along with step-by-step instructions. Work orders with the necessary parts can even be generated automatically when it’s time for preventive maintenance work and par levels are immediately adjusted, keeping everything up to date.

Inventory Planning

planning dash

Not only do missing parts contribute to more equipment downtime, but you’re also wasting money on rush deliveries and technicians who have to wait on them to arrive. Set your inventory par levels and be automatically notified when it’s time to reorder. By tracking which parts are going where, you can accurately predict the parts you’ll need and when and can narrow down the best suppliers for your operations.

Vendor Management software


Vendors are a critical piece of your maintenance program and ManagerPlus has all the tools to make working with vendors easy. Safety store all your suppliers’ information and lead times, customize par levels, and complete purchase orders, all from one easy-to-use software. You can even set certain vendors to automatically receive PMs when you need specialized work done.

Equipment Inventory Management


Your team has to keep a lot of complex equipment up and running which means a large selection of parts and materials. If you’re relying on paper charts or spreadsheets to manage your inventory, there’s a much higher chance of mistakes getting made and equipment going offline. Let ManagerPlus help you make sure you always have the right parts in the right place at the right time.



The first step in taking control of your inventory is knowing where your budget is going. ManagerPlus helps keep track of where every MRO part is going and how much it’s costing you. You can generate business intelligence reports to make informed decisions about how to optimize your inventory and cut costs.

ManagerPlus Inventory Management Services

  • Implementation
  • Training
  • Integrations/APIs

Implementing EAM software at your company doesn’t have to be difficult. We’ve been building and implementing ManagerPlus for over 20 years, so our teams know how to get it right the first time. Begin optimizing your preventive maintenance program quickly with our customized implementation program built to meet your needs.


Your success is important to us and our training experts are passionate about helping your team get the most out of our software. Every month our live webinars take an in-depth look at one of our features and all our past webinars are readily available to go back and watch at any time. Our online learning center also has hundreds of resources that cover every part of our software so you can easily find the answers you need.


ManagerPlus offers support for a wide range of third-party data tracking systems. We can seamlessly integrate with the tracking system you are already using so you don’t lose any critical data. Our platform is also built on an open API so if you use a proprietary system, your developers can easily build it right into ManagerPlus.

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