Never miss a shipment and stop losing parts

If you don’t know where your parts are, you can’t start the work orders on time.

With ManagerPlus inventory management software, you always know where everything in your warehouse is, from the moment it comes in to the moment it ships out.

Always have the parts you need, when you need them

Stop relying on gut-instinct and good deals to know when to reorder parts and only buy them when you need them. Set customized min/max levels and based on your supplier’s lead time, you’ll be notified at just the right time so you’re not paying extra on shipping or taking up space in your warehouse. 

Know what you have and where you have it

Do your techs always have the most updated information on which parts are available and which ones are already allocated? With ManagerPlus, everyone operates from the same source of truth that is instantly updated the moment parts are pulled and where they’re being used.

Track your costs, no matter how you attribute them

Whether you prefer FIFO, LIFO, or any other method of tracking costs for your inventory, ManagerPlus lets you track them however you want to.

Avoid confusion around parts and work orders

Have you ever had a tech use the wrong part for a repair because it looked too similar to the correct one? Avoid the confusion of similar looking parts and make sure every part is where it’s supposed to be with unique bar codes and up-to-the-minute inventory tracking. 

Remove the headache from inventory audits

Cycle counts are never fun, but they don’t have to be frustrating. With Cycle Counts in ManagerPlus, your team can quickly work through an inventory audit and instantly correct any discrepancies.

Make the right decisions with the right data

It’s hard to improve your operations if you don’t know how you’re currently performing. Generate detailed reports on the KPIs that you care about so you can see what you have, where it is, and how it’s being used to keep your operations on the right track.


Spare Parts Asset and Inventory Software Solutions and Benefits

Spare Parts Asset Management

The spare parts in your warehouse are a critical part of your assets’ journey. Know exactly which assets are using the most parts and how much it’s costing you.

Spare Parts Inventory Management Software

Track your spare parts inventory with up-to-the-minute data, so you always know when it’s time to order more so you always have the right parts in the right place at the right time.

Fleet Management

Without spare parts, your vehicles can’t stay on the road. With ManagerPlus, you can assign inventory to PMs and plan ahead to ensure you techs have what they need to keep your team going.

Mobile Spare Parts Management

With so many moving parts in your warehouse, you don’t have time to run back to the maintenance office to check stock levels. With ManagerPlus, all your parts information is instantly available on any Internet-connected device.

Spare Parts CMMS

Good maintenance is all about performing the right tasks at the right time, but your team can’t work without the right resources. ManagerPlus CMMS software helps you ensure the job gets done right, every time.

Spare Parts and Equipment Management

Quickly assign parts to the right equipment so no matter who’s working on it, they always know what they need. Use that list to assign costs to your equipment to keep track of where your costs are going.

farmasset desktop

Maintenance & Repair

Unplanned downtime is expensive. As much as half of it can be attributed to not having the right parts. Make sure your techs have the parts to fix equipment before it fails. Get everything back online quickly in an emergency.

Preventive Maintenance

Attach parts to PMs so your inventory levels are updated in real-time. When it’s time to order more, you’ll be notified in plenty of time to avoid stockouts.

Equipment Tracking

Tracking spare parts with spreadsheets is outdated and often inaccurate. ManagerPlus lives in the cloud so any changes in inventory or equipment performance is reflected instantly and accurately.

Vendor Management

Working with vendors is just one part of doing business these days but managing communication with them doesn’t have to be frustrating or complicated. Safeguard supplier and vendor information inside ManagerPlus and make communication with contractors seamless.

Work Order Management

Clear, complete, and concise work orders are vital to the success of any maintenance team. Automatically assign inventory lists to recurring work orders and track your team’s efficiency across your operation.


Planning in advance avoids expensive rush fees and potentially lost productivity. Set your par levels and track where parts are going so you can predict what you’ll need and when and can keep your supplier relationships on track.


It’s hard to grow and make good decisions if you don’t have the right information. With ManagerPlus, you can generate in-depth reports on the KPIs that you need to track so you can make the right decisions for your business.

Spare Parts Asset and Inventory Management Services

  • Implementation
  • Training
  • Integrations/APIs

Implementing EAM software at your company doesn’t have to be difficult. We’ve been building and implementing ManagerPlus for over 20 years, so our teams know how to get it right the first time. Begin optimizing your preventive maintenance program quickly with our customized implementation program. We built it to meet your industry-specific needs.


Your success is important to us and our training experts are passionate about helping your team get the most out of our software. Every month our live webinars take an in-depth look at one of our features and all our past webinars are readily available to go back and watch at any time. Our online learning center also has hundreds of resources that cover every part of our software so you can easily find the answers you need.


ManagerPlus offers support for a wide range of third-party data tracking systems. We can seamlessly integrate with the tracking system you are already using so you don’t lose any critical data. We also have an open API, so if you use a proprietary system, your developers can easily build it right into ManagerPlus.

Spare Parts Asset and Inventory Management Software

You need to make sure you have the right parts in the right place at the right time. ManagerPlus inventory management software helps you track every part across your operation, so you know exactly what you’re using and how much it’s costing you.

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