Never miss a thing with comprehensive facilities management software

As a facilities manager, staying on top of your day-to-day assignments can be daunting. From replacing office equipment to scheduling facility cleanings and coordinating maintenance work, your to-do list is never-ending. Our facility maintenance software makes performing tasks easier.


Asset Management

From entire buildings to copiers, track asset health and maintenance all in one place. Collect, integrate, and unify facility and equipment details.

Work order management

Keep a full record of all work orders in a simple, searchable history. Auto-generate work orders when maintenance is due, and easily distribute work assignments to staff.


Maintenance planning & scheduling

Organize teams and work schedules along with facility maintenance requirements. Proactive maintenance planning and scheduling is the heart of equipment uptime and getting the most out of assets.

Preventive maintenance

PM scheduling allows you to set up auto-generated work orders. Never miss another PM. Revolutionize preventive maintenance with our preventive maintenance software.



Inventory control & purchasing

Manage parts lists and inventory counts. Because everything is connected, you’ll know when to order more and how much to keep in stock.


Inspections that integrate with maintenance and work orders. Schedule inspections, assign work orders, and access your complete record history.

Business intelligence & reporting

If you can measure it, you can analyze it. Gain insight and clarity into the way your facilities run with easy-to-read dashboards and automated, comprehensive reporting.


Types of Facilities:

Entertainment (Music, Sports)

People come to your facility to have an unforgettable experience, so you’ve got to ensure those memories are good. Stay on top of maintenance work and cleaning schedules so you know everything’s ready at showtime. ManagerPlus helps you perform your best.

Retirement and Assisted Living

Your job is to care for your building as well as you care for your residents, which means you need a solution that keeps you and your team out in front of maintenance. Respond to work requests quickly and make sure the job gets done right the first time with ManagerPlus Lightning.


There’s a lot of people relying on you to keep your facility clean, so you don’t have time to chase down work orders and technicians to make sure things get done. ManagerPlus helps you stay on top of every aspect of your maintenance operations, so you don’t miss a beat.

Church/Places of Worship

You’ve got a lot to do with a very limited budget so every dollar counts. Keep track of where all your money is going and discover places in your maintenance operations where you can cut costs and improve efficiency. Stretch your budget even further with customized reports that give you detailed insights into your operations.


In hospitality, the best maintenance work is the one no one ever sees. Use ManagerPlus to know when your assets need repairs before they break so you can schedule your maintenance work when it fits into your schedule, not when the equipment fails and you’re under pressure to get it back online. Take control of your maintenance work and plan ahead so you’re never caught off guard.

Office Buildings

With clients relying on you to keep their employees safe while they work, you need a facility management software that is lightning fast. ManagerPlus Lightning is cloud-based so you’re instantly connected to your data and changes are reflected in real-time. The moment a critical maintenance task is done, you’re the first to know. Get your team started on work requests within minutes, not days, and keep your clients happy with ManagerPlus.


Government clients expect a lot from you, and with ManagerPlus, you can always deliver. Schedule recurring maintenance cycles, keep tabs on backlogged items, track work orders, and gain insights to boost efficiency, all while staying within budget.


Your facility is a place where people come to heal, so it’s vital that you don’t miss a beat. Not only do you have large, complex assets to keep running, you have to make sure that procedures are followed to the letter and staff are always on top of their work. Keep track of it all and quickly plug any gaps in your operations with ManagerPlus Lightning from iOFFICE.


Your company is relying on you to keep their production lines humming so you need to know when there’s an issue before it becomes a problem. Use ManagerPlus to track every aspect of your equipment and maintenance work orders and automatically schedule critical work before equipment breaks. Generate reports to spot inefficiencies in your operations and keep your costs under control by knowing where every dollar ends up.

Only pay for what you need


Bring your whole team together

Everyone can communicate seamlessly to close the loop on all your asset-related tasks without the price of full access.


Save time and money

With an “ecosystem” of access to your ManagerPlus Lightning platform, no one has to rekey data or input information as a separate task.


Give your budget a break

Only pay for the features your teams need, based on their individual roles. That way, you gain more EAM capabilities for less money.

  • ManagerPlus Lightning EAM software for leaders/managers
  • Work Companion app for technicians
  • Operator Companion app for operators and drivers

Calculate your custom price

Select the features and enter the number of users you need to get an instant estimate.

Facility Management Software Solutions and Benefits

Facility EAM Software
Mobile Facility Management
Facility CMMS
Facility Maintenance & Repair
Facility Preventive Maintenance
Facilities Inventory Management
Facilities Tracking
Facilities Vendor Management
Facility Work Order Management
Facilities Planning
Facilities Equipment Management

Facility EAM Software

Facility Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system

No matter what kind of facility you run, you have equipment you need to manage. ManagerPlus facility management software has all the tools you need to keep your equipment running smoothly. Keep track of every aspect of your asset management, including work orders, maintenance and repair parts and materials, inspections, vendor work, and more.

Mobile Facility Management

Mobile Facility Management

Facility management doesn’t happen behind a desk. You’re always on the go making sure your facility is funning safely and efficiently, so you need a facility management software that goes with you. ManagerPlus Lightning is designed to work just as well on your connected device as it does on your computer. No matter where the job takes you, you’re always connected and ready to go.

Facility CMMS

Facility CMMS

Computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) software is the backbone of any efficient maintenance program. Use ManagerPlus as your command center to manage every aspect of your maintenance operations to ensure the right work gets done on time, every time.

Facility Maintenance & Repair

Facility Maintenance & Repair

As an FM your primary job is to keep your facility’s assets running, and maintenance and repairs are a big part of the job. You need a digital solution that helps you know when your assets need maintenance before they break.

Facility Preventive Maintenance

Facility Preventive Maintenance

There’s a lot of people relying on you to keep your equipment running, and a good preventive maintenance program is the best way to do that. With ManagerPlus Lightning, you can schedule work orders to generate automatically when it’s time for routine maintenance, and with customizable templates, you can include vital information so techs do the job done right every time.

Facilities Inventory Management

Facilities Inventory Management

Inventory is a big part of maintaining equipment, but 80% of M&R inventory goes unused every year. Automatically assign parts and materials to work orders as soon as they’re generated, and because ManagerPlus lives in the cloud, your inventory levels are updated to reflect the changes in real-time.

Facilities Tracking

Facilities Tracking

If you don’t know what’s happening at your facility, you can’t make sure it’s running smoothly. You can track all your maintenance operations, parts, vendors and see a detailed cost breakdown all from one place with ManagerPlus. Make better decisions when you know what’s going on.

Facilities Vendor Management

Facilities Vendor Management

Vendors are an important part of your maintenance strategy, but miscommunication is all too common when trying to schedule contractor work. Not to mention the endless back-and-forth of emails and phone calls. With the Vendor Portal in ManagerPlus, you have all the tools you need to streamline vendor communication and stay on top of work orders, so you never miss a thing.

Facility Work Order Management

Facility Work Order Management

If you’re still relying on paper and spreadsheets to manage your work orders, you’ll spend more time preparing and updating work orders than your technicians will spend doing the work. Take control of your work orders and stop wasting time with paper and spreadsheets.

Facilities Planning

Facilities Planning

As a facilities manager, you can’t afford to be caught off guard. Always know what’s coming around the corner with our maintenance planning software. Take control of your schedule and assign resources ahead of time so you always know what’s happening and when. Get out in front of your maintenance work so you’re never caught unprepared.

Facilities Equipment Management

Facilities Equipment Management

You’ve got a lot of critical equipment to manage at your facility, and now more than ever, that equipment keeps people safe. Make sure you always know what’s happening with your equipment with ManagerPlus Lightning from iOFFICE.



You can’t manage your facility effectively if you don’t know what’s going on. Generate customized reports based on the KPIs that matter most to you, so you know exactly where your budget is going. Discover gaps in your maintenance program and where you can make changes so you’re always in control.

Facility Management Services

  • Implementation
  • Training
  • Integrations/APIs

Implementing EAM software at your company doesn’t have to be difficult. We’ve been building and implementing ManagerPlus for over 20 years, so our teams know how to get it right the first time. Begin optimizing your preventive maintenance program quickly with our customized implementation program built to meet your needs.


Your success is important to us and our training experts are passionate about helping your team get the most out of our software. Every month our live webinars take an in-depth look at one of our features and all our past webinars are readily available to go back and watch at any time. Our online learning center also has hundreds of resources that cover every part of our software so you can easily find the answers you need.


ManagerPlus offers support for a wide range of third-party data tracking systems. We can seamlessly integrate with the tracking system you are already using so you don’t lose any critical data. Our platform is also built on an open API so if you use a proprietary system, your developers can easily build it right into ManagerPlus.



Facility Management Software

You’ve got a lot of responsibility as a facility manager and you need a software solution that puts you in control. With ManagerPlus Lightning from iOFFICE, you’ve got all the tools you need to take control of your assets, manage your equipment, and optimize your maintenance program from wherever you are.

ManagerPlus lives in the cloud which means you’re always connected to your data and any changes are reflected in real-time. It’s mobile-friendly so everything goes with you, wherever you go in your facility.

Our innovative and easy-to-use dashboards put you in the cockpit as you manage work orders, vendor communication, and keep your assets running smoothly. No matter what type, size, or how many facilities you manage, do it all with ManagerPlus.

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No matter what kind of assets you need to maintain, ManagerPlus has you covered. As a SaaS based platform, ManagerPlus can be accessed from anywhere via our mobile app, with or without internet access.




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