construction management software

You’ve got a lot to keep track of. Do it all with ManagerPlus.

With so many things happening on your construction site, you need a software that can keep track of your equipment, manage work orders, and keep your crew safe. ManagerPlus Lightning is an always-connected, cloud-based solution that gives you real-time data on everything happening on your site.
construction management software

With ManagerPlus Lightning, you can:

  • Manage and train your crew more efficiently
  • Eliminate unnecessary downtime to complete projects on time
  • Track parts, inventory, and equipment to keep costs down
  • Discover gaps in your productivity to boost profitability
  • Create detailed work orders to ensure accurate, long-term maintenance
  • Ensure up-to-date compliance to keep your site safe

With a single, unified, robust solution, you have all the information you need to keep your site running efficiently, right at your fingertips.

construction management software

Construction CMMS or EAM software?

There are two main types of software for managing your construction site, each with its own set of benefits. Which one is right for you depends on the size and complexity of the worksite.
construction management software

Construction CMMS?

A computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) automates your maintenance procedure and processes. 

You can use it to eliminate paper- and spreadsheet-based work orders by migrating your entire workflow to the cloud, significantly cutting costs by avoiding incomplete maintenance and inaccurate records.

A CMMS is generally best suited for organizations or work sites with a small number of equipment and maintenance personnel. If you’re on a smaller site with simple machinery and equipment, a CMMS is a great option.

construction management software

Or Construction Asset Management?

Enterprise asset management is a much more full-service software solution. If you’re running a busy, complex worksite with heavy equipment and a large workforce, an EAM is your best choice.
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Tracking work orders is just one feature of a robust EAM platform. With ManagerPlus Lightning, you get real-time data on your assets, equipment, and inventory, a single, always-connected database to keep track of your inspections, and detailed reports with customized KPIs to ensure you’re getting the most out of your assets.
Construction Inspection Management software

Construction Inspection Management

Inspections are an integral part of running your construction site, and you need to be prepared and able to access the right inspection data, right when you need it.

Lightning lets you perform inspections any time, any place, all from your mobile device. Best of all, when an asset fails an inspection, the software can automatically generate a work order, so you get your asset back to work even faster.

Construction Work Order Management software

Construction Work Order Management

You’ve got a lot to manage on your construction site, and you don’t have time to train every person on your team to operate and repair your equipment. 

It’s not easy finding labor with the right combination of skills. But finding someone who can repair your equipment when it breaks down is even harder. ManagerPlus Lightning allows you to create highly detailed work order templates that your crew can use to keep your equipment running, even if they’ve never repaired it before.

You can also keep track of who has repaired the equipment already, so you know just who to call if it breaks down again.

Construction Equipment Preventive Maintenance software

Construction Equipment Preventive Maintenance

You already know that having a good preventive maintenance strategy in place saves you time and money, and it keeps your crew safe. Lightning helps you stay on top of your PMs by automatically triggering them based on preset conditions such as runtime or mileage.
construction Inventory Management software

Inventory Management

It takes a lot of parts and materials to keep a construction site running, and you don’t have time to keep track of everything. Our EAM software can manage your inventory for you so you know where your parts are going and how they're being used, helping you understand your true cost of parts and materials.

Construction Vendor Management

Vendors play an important role on your construction site but managing them all can be complicated and time-consuming. ManagerPlus lets you track all your vendor information and work orders in one, instantly accessible place so you know which vendors are delivering the most value.
construction management software for mobile

Mobile Applications

You’re always in the field when managing your sites, so you need a solution as mobile as you are. ManagerPlus offers two mobile applications for your operators and maintenance team. 

Operators can quickly scan the asset and request work on an asset. The maintenance team app automatically generates a work order and notifies the technician, so repairs don’t slip through the cracks.

Construction Equipment Management software

Construction Equipment Management

Construction equipment tracking software helps you track all aspects of your heavy equipment assets while tackling both preventive maintenance and urgent requests. By keeping a digital record of every asset, you can easily retrieve work orders, generate maintenance logs, and reduce costs associated with equipment and vehicle upkeep.
Construction Reporting Software

Construction Reporting Software

You can only make decisions based on the data you have. Our EAM solution uses business intelligence to deliver detailed reports based on the key performance indicators (KPIs) you use to make informed decisions about your assets and your crew.


Our Construction Management Software Services

  • Implementation
  • Training
  • Support
  • Connectors & API
Construction Management Software Implementation Implementation

Like your other assets, you need your EAM up and running quickly without a long, complicated setup process. We offer three options to get you going, and our highly trained implementation team is with you every step of the way. Whether you’re upgrading from paper and spreadsheets to an automated solution for the first time or you’re migrating from another construction equipment asset management software, we’ve got you covered.

Construction Management Software  training Training

Training your team on any new software is crucial to getting their buy-in. Our online learning center has hundreds of resources available 24/7 and our monthly webinars take an in-depth look at some of our biggest features. Whether you’re getting your team up and running, or bringing on someone new, we’ve got all the information you need.

Construction Management Software support Support

We know you’re going to have questions and that you don’t have time to wait for answers. Our industry-leading, award-winning support team is always ready to help you with whatever you need.

Construction Management Software connectors and apis Connectors & API

ManagerPlus can do a lot on its own, but we make it easy to incorporate data from systems you are already using. Whether you’re gathering data from a popular third-party company or you have your own proprietary tracking software, you can seamlessly integrate with the ManagerPlus platform, so you don’t lose any of your critical data.