ManagerPlus is excited to announce the official release of the new Invoicing Module, a powerful new tool for converting work orders into invoices and estimates that can be sent directly to your customers from the system. The module includes the ability to track customers and is available in the 2015 edition of our Corporate and Enterprise products.

Many of our clients need an easy way to bill out their maintenance services, so we created a fast, simple way for them to convert all of the labor, parts, and services on their work orders into a quote/estimate or invoice without having to manually re-enter this information in a separate billing system. Markups and standard tax and labor rates can be configured for each customer, and individual line items can be added to invoices and estimates on the fly, making the Invoicing Module a versatile, flexible tool for streamlining the billing process.

The module can also be configured so that work orders associated with customers will automatically generate an invoice when they’re completed, thus making it possible to automate more of the process. As a result, invoices will go out in a timely manner, and the work of manually re-entering this information can be reduced or eliminated, which will minimize errors and increase accuracy.

For maintenance shops, companies that manage equipment for clients, and others that need to bill out their maintenance work, the Invoicing Module is the perfect complement to the maintenance scheduling and automatic notification functionality already built into ManagerPlus. A maintenance shop can create schedules for recurring maintenance on their customer’s equipment, fleet, machinery, tools, etc., and configure automatic notifications to be sent directly to those customers when something is coming due. These alerts can be followed up with estimates, which can then be converted directly into work orders once they’re approved.

In maintenance, timing is everything. Running your operations with this level of efficiency and organization will help you stay on top of your work and eliminate delays, making your customers happy and helping you attract more business. Talk to our experts about how this tool can help revolutionize your customer relationships and streamline your operations!

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