Our guest blog this week comes from One More Pallet, an innovative freight and shipping company, who provide a breakdown of the key arguments in favor of a thorough, proactive maintenance routine.

By Max Snyder

No matter what type of firm you are, maintenance is key.

For this blog, I have decided to highlight two important types of maintenance.

  1. Equipment maintenance
  2. Workforce maintenance

(There are others: budgeting, managing inventory, scheduling, etc.)

These two core assets, equipment and workforce, also support your operations, another important area of maintenance. It is easy to put off maintenance as something that is second priority. However, this is the wrong decision.

Here are a few comparisons:

A wise body builder once told me: “It’s easier to maintain your physical stature than it is to regain it.”

The same can be said for customers: “It takes much less effort/investment to retain a customer than it does to gain one.”

Metaphors aside, the point is that maintaining your assets as a company has a lot of value. Think about it, you have most likely invested significant time and money into purchasing or creating an asset. Don’t let these efforts go to waste. The benefits of maintenance far outweigh the costs.

The Importance of Maintenance Management

Maintaining your equipment results in:

  • Greater efficiencies
  • Slower depreciation of your machinery
  • Fewer expenses on upkeep and repairs
  • Lower costs on replacement of damaged equipment
  • Safer working environment for your workforce

Maintaining your workforce results in:

  • Greater efficiencies
  • A happier, more manageable team
  • Better communication

Argument # 2

Okay, so you’ve bought in to the fact that maintenance is important. Argument #2, “That sounds like a lot of work. I don’t have enough time to manage all of those aspects and I don’t have the money to hire someone either.”

So maybe you can’t hire a person. But, you can hire a service for much less. There are plenty different affordable options for maintenance management software in today’s market. Whether your business is small or large, these comprehensive systems can provide a strong backbone to your management that won’t break the bank!

Here’s the bottom line: You know if your company can do better on maintaining its assets. I’ve just presented you with some of the importance of maintenance management that this sort of maintenance system can provide. Now that you are fully educated, keep this type of software in mind. It’s always something to consider as your company grows. Don’t let the blood, sweat, and tears you’ve put into creating your company go to waste.

At OneMorePallet.com, our primary focus is on maintaining our customers, our team, and our relationships with top tier trucking companies. With every growth stage of our company, we are constantly taking new steps in utilizing maintenance technologies. By effectively maintaining and managing our workforce, customers, and carrier relationships, we are able to perform our operations more efficiently.

The Take Away

At every stage of your company, it is important to sit back and reflect on maintenance practices. By taking the care of your assets into consideration, you can save your company time and money while improving efficiency.

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