What is a Maintenance Report?

A maintenance report is a document that holds specific data about inspections and tasks as well as their effects on overall maintenance operations. You use them to gain visibility on your operations, which you can then leverage into better decision-making. 

Why are maintenance reports important? In the last six months, how many PMs did the team complete on time and on budget? Last week, how much did you spend on inventory? And for the work this week, how sure are you that you’ve got the right tasks planned for the right assets and equipment? 

Struggling to find answers or feel like you can’t trust the ones you have? You need better maintenance reporting. 

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A Guide to Asset Operations Management

Traditionally, maintenance leads divide asset management in organizations between maintenance, reliability, and operations, with each team working towards a different goal. Asset operations management (AOM), however, creates a single centralized command center for all your teams.  

But does that work? And, what are the possible benefits of AOM? 

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