Growth: Beginning with the End in Mind

Here at ManagerPlus, we are the #1 Asset Management Solution. It’s not a statement we make lightly. That’s why we started this series to explain what sets us apart from just another CMMS or maintenance management software. This post is a continuation of a series about the underlying principles and philosophy behind ManagerPlus. If you haven’t read any of the other posts yet, they start here. You can use the following links to access any of the previous parts in this series.

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Today, we’re finishing the series, and we’re tying it all together. We’re going to explain how you can get the most out of ManagerPlus so that it can become a platform for growth like no other CMMS can. We’re going to show you why ManagerPlus is the #1 Asset Management Solution.

What does Growth Look Like?

When it comes to using ManagerPlus, it is crucial to know what success and growth will look like for your organization. This means setting goals and looking into the future to see what, where, and how you want to improve.

For some, this will mean something as simple as coming in under budget. For others, it will mean identifying inefficiencies and improving profit margins. Whether your organization is seeking to reduce breakdowns or maximize productivity, it starts with identifying exactly how you want your organization to grow.

What do you need to know to get there?

Once you know what growth looks like, how will you measure it? This is where you identify your Key Performance Indicators or KPIs. KPI’s are powerful, but they should be used like a scalpel rather than like an axe.

For example, if your goal is to increase productivity, then do not look only at the total number of units produced and try to make that number larger. Monitor your productivity individually across production lines to see which lines are producing the best and how you can emulate those practices across your other lines. Work to measure more than just final production as well. One of your KPI’s should be down time and productivity lost. Measuring what you are losing can show you areas to improve.

Another example could be the goal of increasing your profit margins. Increasing profit margins comes both from selling at higher prices and from reducing your costs. Costs include materials as well as overhead from maintaining the equipment you use. If you have a fleet, then measuring the costs of maintaining that fleet is one of the best ways to discover inefficiencies that could be eliminated. Again, finding ways to identify your organizations best practices can help you make those practices standard throughout across your fleet.

In many cases, it is wise to do some research to find what KPIs have been most useful in other organizations in your industry. Understanding what KPIs will help you measure your growth will inform the way you use ManagerPlus and how it can help you.

Using ManagerPlus for Success

When you have an understanding of what you are looking for, our Customer Success Team here at ManagerPlus can help you use your ManagerPlus platform. As you go through your onboarding process, your dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) will discuss what you are looking to do with ManagerPlus and what your goals are.

They will also help you import your assets. This process looks at your assets and helps you classify them with all of the reporting power you’ve read about in the last few parts. They’ll help you understand the reporting side of ManagerPlus and how to get the notifications, reports, and Business Intelligence dashboards that will help you achieve your goals. Your CSM will also show you how to use work orders and inspections to maintain your assets.

It Ends with a Dashboard

When you’re done with Onboarding, ManagerPlus will become a true asset management platform for your organization. A platform is a jumping off point for everything else. The ManagerPlus platform will become the place where you plan your work, assign work orders, and record everything that happens with your assets. ManagerPlus sends reports to you and anyone else who is invested in your organization’s asset management.

To keep you on track with your goals, when you log in to ManagerPlus everyday, the first thing you’ll see is a Dashboard. This is the dashboard that we talked about in the very first part of this series. Except, this dashboard will be customized to your organizational KPIs. With ManagerPlus, you’ll always know exactly where you stand in relation to your goals. You’ll understand what’s next, and what needs your attention.

In the end, ManagerPlus is much more than just a system that records your work orders. It does more than tell you when you need to perform repairs. ManagerPlus is the #1 Asset Management Solution because it gives you the tools and the data to achieve your goals and grow. ManagerPlus doesn’t just scale with you. It gives you the foundation and structure to build on to achieve the goals you want.

If you are ready to see ManagerPlus in action, give us a call! We’d love to give you a demonstration of what ManagerPlus can do for your organization to be your partner in success. If you’re already using ManagerPlus, we’d encourage you to reach out to us! We love to hear the success stories of our clients, and we want to add yours to our growing list. We take pride in being the #1 Asset Management Solution.

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