A rapidly growing customer base, combined with strong growth in social media outreach and continued product innovation, have earned ManagerPlus recognition as one of the elite providers of both computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) and fleet maintenance software. Studies conducted by Capterra, a leading software consultation company, placed ManagerPlus among the top three most popular providers in both categories. you can checkout here

The rankings are based on a popularity index that combines ManagerPlus’ 10,000+ customers, 100,000 users, and the company’s fast-growing presence on popular social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Serving companies of all sizes in a broad range of industries, ManagerPlus’ popularity continues to grow thanks to a steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction. Customers regularly rate ManagerPlus products, services, and support as being among the best they’ve  ever encountered, and have singled out for praise the company’s responsiveness to individual needs.

Growth in ManagerPlus’ user base also reflects the ease of use of ManagerPlus products; customers are frequently looking to expand ManagerPlus products to additional sites and add more users because the system is easy to get up and running. Even the most tech-averse users can learn how to use the system, which helps drive adoption and ultimately helps create a strong database for reporting and analysis.

And while the rankings demonstrate ManagerPlus’ success to date, the company continues to work on new initiatives to make the customer experience even better. New customer-oriented technologies, processes, and services are continuously being evaluated and implemented to help ManagerPlus maintain its status as a standard bearer for excellence in customer satisfaction.

With major new functionality slated for the next ManagerPlus release, and new tools currently under development to enhance the customer experience, it’s an exciting time to be a ManagerPlus customer. Be sure to subscribe to this blog and follow ManagerPlus on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ to keep up to date on all the latest developments.

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ManagerPlus is the preferred solution across the most asset-intensive industries, including Fortune 500 companies, to improve reliability and minimize downtime.
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