Basic reports are great. They can provide a top-level snapshot of various aspects of your operations to help you identify important trends.

But, they can also be limited. Sometimes you need to visualize your data in charts and graphs to fully understand what’s driving certain trends, and sometimes you need to interact with that data in real-time–drilling deeper into the numbers to find the answers you need.

That’s why we’ve spent the last year building our new, game-changing data visualization and dashboard tool: ManagerPlus Bi. After a lot of hard work, we’re ready to put this powerful new tool into the hands of new and existing customers to help them manage their maintenance work faster and more efficiently than ever before.

So, what’s the big deal?

More than reporting–much more. The ‘Bi’ in ManagerPlus Bi stands for Business Intelligence. It’s more than a way to look at data: it’s a completely new way of working in ManagerPlus.

For instance, you can create a chart of your work orders that tracks them by type. You can click on any section to isolate a work type, bring up a list of work orders of that type, and then click on any work order to go to the detail screen where you can update the status, add notes, etc.

And because you can refresh the data in real-time, you can catch issues quickly before they begin to pile up. In this way, ManagerPlus Bi can become your command center where you watch over your operations and respond to needs as they arise–no more having to jump between modules and juggle different reports to zero in on the information most important to you.


Drill deeper. Anyone who works with reports knows that they often raise more questions than they answer. Sure, a basic report can show you that you have more active work orders for a certain asset group than usual, but does it show you why?

ManagerPlus Bi gives you the ability to interact with your reports, isolating information and doing a deeper dive to find root causes. It also makes it easier than ever to get information from different areas of the system into one easy-to-read dashboard for comparison and analysis.

Let’s take the active work orders by asset group scenario as an example. I can create a chart that shows me the total number of active work orders by asset group and pull up a list of individual work orders for initial analysis. I can then create another chart that tracks the type of services being performed on that group of assets, and add it to the same dashboard. Now I can quickly see the problem (too many work orders for a certain asset group) and one potential explanation (maybe all of the routine maintenance for this group fell in the same time frame) at a glance.

Beneath those charts, I could then add another that would show me what types of work requires the most amount of time and figure out a way to schedule my maintenance so that I avoid bottlenecks in the future.

This is just one simple example, but it illustrates the point: ManagerPlus Bi gives you unprecedented flexibility to visualize and focus-in on the most critical aspects of your operations. You can add to and adjust your dashboards and graphs as you go, bringing a new level of sophistication to your work.


Share the knowledge. ManagerPlus BI makes it easy to send reports to anyone (even if they’re not ManagerPlus users). Simply enter email addresses for anyone you want to receive the report, determine when/how often you’d like it sent, and you’re done.


But that’s just the beginning. With ManagerPlus Bi, you can cast your dashboards to a TV screen, enabling everyone on the shop floor to monitor their work and stay on track. Keep the team motivated by setting performance goals and creating dashboards to track your progress.

Simply put, ManagerPlus Bi can change the way you work. If you haven’t yet, be sure to get on a demonstration with one of our product specialists to get a hands-on look at it.

Also be sure to check back here regularly for more insights into ManagerPlus Bi, including step-by-step guides on how to create basic dashboards and graphs, and for all of the latest tips, news, and maintenance insights from ManagerPlus.

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