Work Order Management Process: Utilize Your WO Software Best Way

by ManagerPlus on December 8, 2017

Software adoption is critical to successfully implementing a Maintenance Management Solution. It has been reported that 40-50 % of a business’ operational budget is taken up by Maintenance. To make sure you utilize an work order management software in the best way possible, we have compiled work order management process on how to get your team on board.

1. Track it

First step of work order management process is tracking, check for when work requests are submitted. Tracking the submission of work requests and how they become work orders, can be an encouraging way to make sure that all work orders are created through your maintenance management solution. If work has been completed without the initial work request being submitted, follow it back to the source to understand why adherence to the maintenance policy is not being adopted. To solve a problem, we first need to understand it. In this case, understanding employee’s hesitation to using a new tool can help you gain better platform adoption.

2. Set a timeline for tasks

With standards in place for employees to follow, it’s more likely for them to adhere to and follow standard operating procedures. Setting a timeline helps clear up any confusion on the employee’s end, as to when and how the company expects work to be done.

3. Assign it

For Maintenance Professionals to complete their work make sure that you assign work orders to a specific employee, not a team or group. This way clear expectations are set, there is a process in place and, the employee knows fully what is expected of them. It also gives you a way to track and monitor performance improvements, inefficiencies, and the increased efficiencies by using your new maintenance solution. Creating standardized workflows like the one mentioned above is beneficial to your company, it should help employees do their jobs better.

4. Make it integral

Giving your solution a positive light in your company's culture is going to help with employee adoption. When the time comes to start using your maintenance management system, be thoughtful about it. Ensure that all work is requested, assigned, and tracked through the new system. Through the level of priority that leaders show for using your maintenance tool, it becomes quickly apparent that it is only acceptable to use the plan in place.

This was the complete procedure of work order management. Looking to implement a Maintenance Management Tool? If so, how will it benefit you? With implementing any software and/or new processes there will be hesitation and possible resistance from employees. Besides, not many people like change and learning something new can be intimidating. The positives will outweigh your difficulties. The benefits are numerous and worth the mission of getting everyone on board. To get an idea of what you can expect after using a maintenance tool read our list below:

-Discover the maintenance you plan for vs. what is happening in real time.

-Watch your maintenance become more proactive.

-Customize your work order process to your business workflows.

-Estimate your labor and part cost for maintenance, later view any discrepancies in your maintenance costs and catch them right away.

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