What is preventive maintenance software?

Preventive maintenance scheduling software is an intelligent, computerized system that helps companies across multiple industries keep their equipment up and running and reduce the costly impact of reactive maintenance.

By implementing an effective preventive maintenance program, you can extend the life of your physical assets, minimize downtime, and experience significant long-term cost-savings. 

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Features and benefits

Reactive maintenance decreases operational efficiencies and negatively impacts the bottom line. But implementing a preventive maintenance program saves time and significantly reduces costs. 

According to the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, preventive maintenance costs, on average, are 27% less than that of reactive maintenance. Preventive maintenance scheduling software makes it easy to schedule, track, and maintain a digital record of all maintenance activities.

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Who uses preventive maintenance scheduling software?

Preventive maintenance software is ideal for companies in asset-heavy industries, including construction, oil and gas, fleet, manufacturing, and facilities. 

Preventive maintenance software helps maintenance managers and technicians plan and schedule their work in advance—an effective way of making every budget dollar count. PM solutions also help eliminate confusion and simplify work for the technicians and mechanics performing work orders by giving mobile access, and ensuring that everyone is on the same page when it comes to workload.

When is the best time to invest in preventive maintenance software?

An easy-to-use cloud-based maintenance management software platform for any size of business that helps you link all aspects of your management processes—from scheduled maintenance and work orders, to parts inventory and purchasing functions. Accessible anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Ditch the spreadsheets with preventive maintenance software

You're still relying on spreadsheets

Preventive maintenance software is ideal for managers struggling to keep track of repairs using spreadsheets. Having all this information in one software system makes it easy to schedule and automate PM tasks. 

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You have a growing, distributed workforce

As your team expands, so will the number of people involved in preventive maintenance plan activities. You need greater transparency and accountability into who is responsible for completing them all. You also need a way to store digital maintenance logs. 

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You have a large number of assets

Having a large number of assets or complex assets to maintain is another good indication you need preventive maintenance software. For instance, consider an oil and gas company with hundreds of tiny parts that must be calibrated regularly and to exact specifications. Keeping track of these activities on paper maintenance logs will get overwhelming quickly.

Get compliant with preventive maintenance software

You're in a heavily regulated industry

To comply with many federal and state regulations, you need documentation of all assets and maintenance activities. Consider DeFoe Corp., a highway contractor that must keep detailed records of all inspections, certifications and service for every piece of equipment to avoid hefty fines. 

How ManagerPlus compares to other preventive maintenance software

ManagerPlus Lightning improves preventive maintenance in two big ways:

  1. Easy preventive maintenance scheduling. Transition PMs from memory or spreadsheets into autogenerated work orders, and then set notifications for when it’s time to perform maintenance tasks.
  2. Robust data analytics. Make your preventive maintenance program even better with intelligent insights about your assets. ManagerPlus's advanced Business Intelligence, custom dashboards, and maintenance insights are embedded throughout the software, giving you real-time information. 
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Creating a preventive maintenance plan

Creating a preventive maintenance scheduling plan has never been more rewarding. Use these four simple steps to create your own PM program:

  1. Identify: Find and record all of the assets you want to include in your preventive maintenance program. For each asset, create a list of the maintenance that should be performed on each of them on a regular basis.
  2. Automate: Put all of your assets and their maintenance schedules into an asset management software like ManagerPlus Lightning. Turn on notifications so you're informed when work orders are being generated. 
  3. Implement: Use ManagerPlus Lightning to schedule your PM work orders when they come due so you can perform work in a timely manner. The ManagerPlus mobile app helps you track and record work, on or offline, anywhere.
  4. Analyze: Use the advanced dashboards to analyze the work that’s been performed. Leverage the analytics dashboard to improve your maintenance processes.
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Why choose ManagerPlus

“[ManagerPlus] has eliminated the bouncing back and forth between spreadsheets by putting everything in one package.” 

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“ManagerPlus is my day to day; I use this software constantly. It is nice to be able to track our assets and parts with very little effort.” 

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