CMMS has continued to grow and expand throughout the years into a complete record of assets and a powerful management solution. The expandability of Maintenance Management Software has evolved from a traditional “CMMS Software” into a critical business application connecting people, resources, data, and performance in today’s modern economy, more so than ever before. The evolution of this vital business process has proven and continues to show the viability of organizations implementing and leveraging an asset management solution to reduce costs, dramatically improve operational efficiency, and extend the life of your assets leading to greater productivity of your employees.

Starting out CMMS asset management was mostly about work orders, repairs, and team focused maintenance. The next level of CMMS was Asset Management. This added features like inventory, purchasing, and department focused maintenance. What has evolved today is a complete Asset Management Software. The development of this platform encompasses company initiatives as well as policies and standards. Complete organizational involvement in a platform like this has become the norm, including; finance, accounting, procurement, HR, data analyzing, project management, IT, HR, compliance, safety, security and many others. Most every department will have some sort of involvement with the program, so you need to make sure it is a fit for all.

Asset Management Platforms are beginning to blend the line drawn in the sand more and more between them and an EAM software. Initially an EAM was developed to manage the assets of an enterprise across departments, facilities, business units and geographical locations. It was a holistic control of the asset lifecycle. With the emergence of new capabilities now available in Asset Management Solutions with more asset management capabilities than ever before, why be dependent on other business applications like an EAM that have many redundancies of an Asset Management Platform? ManagerPlus allows you a one-stop shop for gaining enterprise management for your company. It allows you to do this through cloud technology and added features such as Business Intelligence and an API. Looking at systems that are truly cloud based can give you the full-features and expandability that only an EAM used to offer. By choosing to get an Asset Management System you will save time and money.

Look for an Asset Maintenance Management System that enables data sharing access across your organization between other critical business applications. An API opens the door for more comprehensive data sharing, tracking, and reporting. Through an API you can do it all. Collect all the information you used to need in your EAM more easily and now do it in your Asset Management Platform. Improve your bottom line now by utilizing the best fit for your company.

ManagerPlus Cloud is a more robust system than ever before!

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ManagerPlus is the preferred solution across the most asset-intensive industries, including Fortune 500 companies, to improve reliability and minimize downtime.
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