Let’s start off with a hypothetical scenario:

You woke up this morning thinking it was going to be another normal day. You get your cup of coffee and roll into work to get started for the day. That’s when you see him: the inspector.

He’s here to make sure that things are all running up to code and that your operations are safe. So how does he make you feel?

Does his appearance inspire confidence in you and your team? Or do you feel nervous? What do you think the outcome of your maintenance inspection will be?

What are the chances that you will be fine? What are the chances of failing an item? Worse, what are the consequences of failing? Maybe it could cost you that year-end bonus. It could also result in reprimands or other disciplinary action. Your organization could also suffer consequences. Will you incur fines? Might this maintenance inspection lower industry scores? Is it possible that failure could cause you to close until you make corrections?

When it comes to these maintenance inspections, there are two types of outside inspections that you will likely encounter. The first is from your own organizational leaders. These are maintenance inspection from someone higher up in your organization who is making sure that everything is running smoothly. maintenance inspection of this type likely won’t carry business-wide consequences for failures. However, they could be attached to personal or departmental consequences.

The other type is from outside regulatory bodies like government inspectors or industry standards organizations. These are the ones that impact your whole business. A bad DOT inspection will likely mean fines and a lower DOT score, leading to more maintenance inspection in the future. Failing an inspection by an organization like OSHA could lead to fines and even closures depending on severity.

You may not know when your inspections are going to come, but that doesn’t mean you can’t prepare in advance.

What it takes to prepare

Here at ManagerPlus, we believe that when you have an inspection, it should confirm what you already know. That’s why we have our inspections tool that allows you to run your own inspections on all of your equipment and facilities.

The ManagerPlus Inspections tool is the perfect way to monitor the health and safety of your assets. Whether you are in charge of maintaining a fleet of vehicles or a building or two, inspections keep you up-to-date and informed on what is going on.

In ManagerPlus, inspections are similar to work orders. You can set them to occur on a regular interval based on time or other logs from your assets. Do you want to conduct a full facility-wide general inspection once a quarter? No problem. Do you want a particular machine to get a complete inspection when it reaches 100,000 hours of service? ManagerPlus can schedule that for you.

Also, like work orders, you can create specific line items for an inspection. Individual line items can define what a pass and fail condition look like and include descriptions as to exactly how to perform the inspection.

One especially powerful feature with maintenance inspections is the ability to set up workflows associated with specific line items. This means that if you are inspecting a conveyor belt system and notice a crack in the belt, you can fail the line item and it will automatically generate a work order to replace it. If a particular supervisor wants to know if a particular asset is having trouble, he can receive notifications about the results of the inspection as soon as it’s complete.

Preventive Inspections

We all know that preventive maintenance will save us time and money over reactive maintenance. Why shouldn’t the same be true of maintenance inspections? When you are engaged in your own inspections, you can know the outcome of a surprise inspection ahead of time, because you’ve already done it.

What is more, you can look up the inspections from regulatory organizations and incorporate them into your regular inspection efforts. You can ask your supervisors what they would like to see when they perform an inspection. In this way, you’ll be able to mirror those inspections with ManagerPlus so that you’re never caught off guard with their results.

This is what we mean by maintenance inspections confirming what you already know. You’ll know because you’ve bee performing the same maintenance inspection and know what it will find.

This is just one of the ways ManagerPlus’s asset management software keeps you ahead of the game and reduces your costs. If you’ve been using ManagerPlus, we’d love to hear some of your success stories. If you are new to our platform, we’d love to show you all of the other ways in which ManagerPlus can transform your business and keep you one step ahead.

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