The results

Investing in ManagerPlus’s cloud-based maintenance platform paid off in a big way with clear benefits to fleet uptime and productivity. The result was massive savings from direct costs and preventive maintenance.

Direct cost savings


Preventive maintenance savings



Customer profile

Transportation, logistics, and materials handling company with hundreds of locations across the world.

Delivers solutions to some of the most complex industries, including oil and gas, power, railroads, food and agriculture, mining, construction, and ports.

Services include trucking and rail, marine, environmental, manufacturing, and a whole host of other services.


Renewables & Sustainability

Company Size

150+ employees


Salt Lake City, Utah

The challenge

As they searched for a suitable asset management system, the customer knew they would need a  solution that could handle the full scale of their fleet. They also knew it needed to be just as informative and useful in the hands of a single driver/operator or mechanic as it would be in the hands of a data analyst. The chosen maintenance solution would also need to integrate with their existing GPS provider.

The other part of their challenge was finding a system that could deliver all of these things without making any compromises. And they needed robust analytics to help them gain a better understanding of their business operations so they could identify areas of improvement.

The solution

The customer knew ahead of time that rolling out new fleet maintenance software would be a massive undertaking. External support and software expertise, along with their own internal preparation, would be key to a successful launch. By partnering with the implementation team at ManagerPlus, these cross-functional efforts helped minimize the number of issues experienced, from technical hangups to employee training.

After implementing ManagerPlus maintenance software, the client saw promising improvements across the board. The automation of work orders immediately provided them with the benefits they were looking for. With ManagerPlus, they optimized the scheduling of their routine and preventive maintenance work orders, and it resulted in $250,000 in savings just from oil changes alone. Within one year of purchasing the software, they found direct savings of over $600,000 in preventive maintenance and other costs.

The best part? They realized the more experience they gained in using the system, the more insights they would gain for future improvements—leading to more savings in the long run.

What they're saying

The users initially had some reservations about adding time to the preventive maintenance downtime, but then they discovered that it improved the vehicle’s uptime by adding inspection tasks for each service. Managers have better reporting tools to show tech productivity and vehicle total maintenance cost.

Next steps

If you’re looking for a proven solution to your maintenance management challenges, we’re here to help—every step of the way.

Our powerful cloud-based ManagerPlus Lightning software will:

  • Organize your asset inventory
  • Schedule ongoing service repairs
  • Automate maintenance logs and assignments
  • Provide preventive insights into your performance
  • Keep your enterprise up-to-date on compliance measures

Results like those seen in this case can be achieved by any organization across any industry—from transportation and facilities management to manufacturing and construction. So, whether your company is small, mid-sized, or enterprise-level, ManagerPlus Lightning can deliver the full power of an intelligent, highly customizable maintenance program that works as hard as you do. Schedule a personalized demo today.